May 7th, 2004

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Yum. I had a lovely dinner of Quorn cutlets last night, with a side of green beans and carrots with dill in beer.

I've never had the troubles these guys mention.

Sunset clouds from last night... Collapse )

I wonder if I was thrust back in time to the 70s, how I'd entertain myself? I suspect computers would be a bit of a disappointment. Besides the obvious thing of becoming a "futurist" , betting on horses that are bound to win, warning myself about doing certain things, etc. I don't know.. aside form catching a few movies running in the theater, the good ol' library would recover a lot of its appeal to me.

Bro may be getting a bail hearing on Monday. That could mean that he gets sprung. ... a chance to find a place to live and get a job. Looks much better for when he actually goes to court. Current vibe is that he could get 3 years probation in the best likely case, or a year and a day in prison in the worst likely case. I'll keep my hopes up and expectations reasonable.

So cute... A Pet-stroller! Seems a bit pricey. I also like the "Catwalk".

Vampire Game Update - A new building at Walrus and 40th, the Hall of Severance, allows vampires to prune their family trees. Aww.. I wouldn't want to give up any of my kiddies!

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6643 - Not Just In Iraq

From the Sun-Sentinel:,0,4464869.story?coll=sfla-home-headlines

A group of guards at the Broward County Main Jail kicked and stomped on a handcuffed, naked inmate Wednesday night until he was unconscious, according to several inmates who said they witnessed the beating. Collapse )

Why is this of interest to me, dear journal? Well, for one thing, it was where my brother was warehoused the first month of his time awaiting trial. (See most of my journal from Feb 24, 2004 and onward.)

I'd like to know what the rest of the story is... I'd like to think that there's some sort of surveillance tape or a psychological history on either the inmate or the guards. Honestly, I don't trust the testimony of cop or inmate in a situation like this.