May 8th, 2004

2 - zombie scotto

6645 I'm a member of Team Laser Explosion Secret Fan Club.

and I wear the laser belt.

Best Bumper sticker seen lately :Support Mental health or I'll kill you!

In my mind, it's recited with a emphasis on the *Ahhl KEEL JOO*

Friday was mostly nice. Spent a chunk of the afternoon working with VS and CB, while the hen party took place in CC's office.

I got a 3:30 am call from Comanche County, (Oklahoma), thus the early morning entry.

MadTV on in the background... Robert Smith sounds as good as he ever did, but spinning around to look, age has taken a bit of a toll on him. Now I know what Jerry Garcia would look like if you shaved and gothificated him.

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6646 busy bee day.

Today's been quite the hectic one for missing kids... fortunately, the majority of them have been recovered right away. (one 15 year old who got into an argument with his grandparents is still out and about, but from the description given, he's not going to be messed with, or a danger to himself or others.)

Big Kahuna was kind enough to take call from 4:30-9pm, giving me at least a little window of freedom this weekend. I celebrated by going to cheeburger cheeburger, getting a chocolate malted and a grilled portobello sammich, no fries, and enjoying a little fresh air.

The pleasure was welcome, because once I got home, I had another couple of calls smack me all at once, including 3 missing kids with a babysitter in Tombs County Georgia... those folks are sweet as pie, but the accent is *very thick* and I had trouble with the dispatcher girl's descriptions. While on the phone with her, a Hialeah call came in., so i got to multitask as best I could. Not too bad, but it was moderately stressful at the time. I don't think ADP could've handled it at all, though MA would have dealt with it well enough, I think. I plopped into the website and made a few adjustments for time constraints that I think will make working the system even more automated than it already is.

People are still asking me questions about rules regarding inmate visits from entries I made nearly four years ago (back when Suzy was put in the clink). Since that person was asking from Santa Clara, CA, I could only give a limited answer about Broward, Florida.

Disneyland photo tour from the 50s and 60s. I'm glad that the parks went to all-day passes, rather than Lettered tickets.

Hmm.. ravenblack changed the way links work in the vampire game... I'm glad my daughter managed to help me get to thievery 3 before that point!

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Random Scotto factoid - I thought Yanni and Raffi were the same guy for about three years. Names were just similar enough to goof my pattern recognition up. I had the same problem with Al Pacino and Robert De Nero.

Newt this evening, watching the mouse pointer
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