May 11th, 2004

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6651 inmate visits from Wherever Coconuts Grow with telekinetic inflatable clowns.

Got to play a little CoH with Whims last night.. I wish schedules allowed for Sammy to join in more often, but he suffers from Pacific Rim Syndrome. I need to put him in a time-phase shift condenser for about 2 hours a day, just to hang out.

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The Bear-Armor is now on Ebay.

SMILE! Not for the squeamish or overly cynical.

Dadaist poem interpretation of my LJ

Tables as it seems. Able to go afternoon:
working course inspired me for the majority
turning surfing was surprised, and turn the
system. My sort of lookie loos Attendance
last Year old enough, I had a blue drug. He
wasn't being vivisected while this evening,
Watching the phone: with a few little by
splitting the frog again. One Inflatable
Ronald McDonald with TK.


Some music can actually see more than the
ponytail I'm sort of the only the stuff to an
island in: the Hypoluxo place. I can't, I told me
yesterday, that he was kind the pokey today?
Whatever she knows I also put something: to
an egg hunt. Note to worry about rules
(regarding inmate visits from Wherever
Coconuts Grow you But after Going to help I
think share that day). Q beart Donkeys hate
em like that and CB while on City of a while
Hold the door so she knows what an insect I am.

I hope SC is doing ok... I hate to see anyone backslide into the dumps, after working hard to get out of them.

Wow, I've not heard one good review of Van Helsing, from anyone I trust yet.

Perversely, that makes me want to go see it.

I fear it won't be as bad as I want it to be.

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So... When is The Incredibles due out, now that Disney and Pixar have broken up... is it still 11/5/2004?

One More for the road:

Google IM eye. Hopefully today. Honestly (my
daughter in the price of the universe failed to
see what they're doing so happens). To gather
some time; it exists outside; for my own,
pattern recognition up next? Until later.

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