May 14th, 2004

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6656 Scribbled as I roamed, and synced up later.

I more often than not first only see "Stan" when the name "Satan" is shown in print. Something about my brain causes a skip over the first A.

Random cool discovery, some office in my building has an open wireless router. I can compose mail and surf all over South Florida now.. walking up and down Las Olas I found no less than a dozen hot spots, most were passworded, but several let me just surf away.

Best location is Picasso Joe's... sit down, have a milkshake or whatnot, people watch, and still have your internet morphine on a handy-dandy mobile IV. The open ones are usually default linksys, MSHOME or whatever comes with the package they invested in. Surfing for free beats paying $.10 a minute with a big, blunt object.

I did notice that constantly scanning for connections burned about 20% of my battery in about half an hour, otherwise, the new gizmo is pretty fuel-efficient. A nice thing about the browser is that I can download and cache stuff for reading later... so even if I did do a by the minute plan, I could log on, slurp down my friends page in LJ, as well as a few news locations I hit daily (all as an automated macro, not manually, unless I wanted to) and have stuff to read offline for a long while. I'm very impressed with how nice my lj and homepage look on the browser. It runs flash and java well, and cookies aren't a problem. wireless tech has improved a great deal since I last fooled with it on a PDA.

First Pictures taken with the new palm... uploaded from there directly to photobucket, via the browser my digi-cam is far superior, but this will do in a pinch. I'll still take the bulky one on walks, but not to work.

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All of the servers on city of Heroes were in the yellow last night...that's a good sign that it's healthy, i think. I wonder what it'll look like in three months, once all the brand new buyers have decided whether or not to keep a subscription.

Found this site, talking to Sammy yesterday. Interesting that it mentions all the little zones nearby on my journeys. The singing fountain, Museum 'f art, Potato-chip lookin' free summer movie location.

Coming movies - Anyone want to join me? I think I'll start attending 'em...100 East Las Olas Blvd. 8 p.m. the last Saturday of the month. Refreshments for purchase, or bring your own for a picnic in the park.

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  • Top Hat with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers

  • Chicago with Rene Zellweger, Katherine Zeta Jones, Richard Gere & Queen Latifah
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  • Charade with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn

  • Key Largo with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

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One of the two men on a couch: I've lost the feeling in my arm.
The other man: All of a sudden, I can't see anything.
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