May 17th, 2004

Play monkey! Play!

6660 - an entry 10x the number of the beast. Crazy links.

Happy 21st Birthday, oneeyedcat !

Birthday Stars

Tell the Birthday Stars computer when you were born, and it will look for a star that is your age in light years away from Earth. This means that the light we're seeing from that star today actually left the star around when you were born, and has taken your entire life to reach Earth.

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It's getting warmer and a bit more humid these days. Soon, I'll be living in the thick, steamy Florida humidity once again. Thank goodness for A/C and breezes from the ocean! I'm glad the rain comes to drop the temperature, and squeeze dozens of feet of moist air into more free-moving gusts, with the water wrung out onto the ground.

I wonder how long it'll be before the ice cream man comes back to the neighborhood? Summer Vacation for the kiddies starts in a week or two. I Don't chase the trucks, but there's something sort of comforting about hearing bad music box tunes blasted through blown speakers in the summertime. If I did see one stopped, I'd certainly get in the lineup for a little something. You can get 2-point smart ones "nutty buddy" equivalents at my nearby Publix, but that's just cheatin'. Not to say that I don't indulge here and there... though I prefer Skinny cow's Ice Cream Sammiches. Mmm, Mint!

Revised a lot of the company site to pure php... mostly rote work, but a few solid tweaks to speed up processing and data access via MySQL. Only slightly related, Mike Cohen points me to an Objective-C syntax and runtime for Perl. That's pretty amazing. Bad News, he also points out that php-nuke still has some bad security holes in it, and they're pretty well-known. I hope that when my fave site returns from its long hiatus, it'll be safe from harm. *happy thoughts of replacement pinwheels*

Lovely Slow day on call... just some recoveries. The Cleveland Police seem as nicey-nice as Reno.

I wonder if a lot of my surgery dream are echoed, dope-fogged memories of being under the knife. I do seem to be face down.

Nice side effect of Gmail... Yahoo boosts free e-mail storage to 100MB That's a good thing, since I rely more on yahoo mail than my gmail account. (Y!Messenger and alerts dovetail nicely with my online planning.)

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Played more CoH with Whims... she and Sammy are leveling much more swiftly than I am, but fortunately, the sidekick feature is able to reel me up to at least a fair par. Speaking of which... FFXI has Half A million users, now.. some interesting stats here. I still have trouble seeing the appeal.

Gumball Insert Cards. These would make for some lovely LJ icons, I think. Click 'em to make 'em bigger.

Now that his bandwidth has eased up again, I don't mind linking to this guy with nothing better to do dug a big ol' hole in his back yard. It eventually became a nifty bunker, complete with wireless access. Two years went by, and a rising water table has made it a pool.

Not quite a hobbit-hole, mind you. I don't dig that he was using it to hunt, but wouldn't mind having something like that on my land, just because.

Things on amazon that make me smile, but I have no need or interest in buying for myself -

First Wireless Test video broadcast to my server (Newt Wagging his tail, while we watch Cartoon Network. Audio is Moltar and Carl scoping out booty at a cocktail party.) Quicktime MOV format, 209k. 10 sec long. tiny screen size for test.
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