May 27th, 2004

voodoo love

6685 - stuff

Got a nice surprise in a long, friendly, supportive phone call yesterday from someone I haven't heard a lot from in a long time, and it really made my night. Lots of good socializing, excellent legal advice about a few things, and just general good gab. Thanks.

MIT's OpenCourseWare - Thanks for the tip, ldy-sis!

Possibly a new Newtcam icon, made from action shots yesterday

Caught pre-leap to the monitor top - motion-blurred

Leaping off into the great void again

He's so casual about it, just steps off into space.

aw, just a canned reply from Athenos...They only referenced my booty-kissin' signature line at the end.
Thanks for visiting our Web site to tell us how pleased you are with our

We're proud of our reputation for excellence and work hard to maintain it.
We're continually exploring new food developments and are very optimistic
about the future of food production. Our pledge is to continue to
successfully build on our past achievements far into the future.

We hope you'll continue to enjoy our product. Please add our site to your
bookmarks, and visit us again soon!

>Ref: 8069695N
>Thank you, oh thank you, you wonderful, wonderful hummus-making people.

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