May 28th, 2004

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6686 - Payday, Friday, longish weekend ahead.

I'm delighted that the new(beta) Yahoo Messenger has integrated launch cast. Makes getting my playlists much simpler. Also, the New Yahoo toolbar for MSIE removes spyware.

Lately, I'm quite glad I don't have tourette's... lots of random comments that'd have gotten me in trouble today leapt to the front of my brain. (I took a bunch of digital piccies for the web site... we'll be selling items with our logo on them.) VS is an excellent model, ADP & LH were overly vain. Right on the tip of my mind were all sorts of rude and inappropriate comments. I'd rather bark or quack out of control than yell something intelligible but hurtful.

Know your Emperors!

Know your Popes!

Know your Livestock! - See Other. Hooray for Yaks!

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Doc Hastor, (master of electricity) gets ticked at the golden age Hawkman for breaking his dynamo by means of a quarterstaff.

Speaking of Hawkman, I plan to tune in to "Starcrossed," the 90-minute series finale of JUSTICE LEAGUE, this Saturday, May 29, at 7:30 p.m. on Cartoon Network. (Looks like I'll catch the movie in the park afterward... Odd Couple at 10pm)

Poor John Stewart. Can't catch a break. At least he's not on Mosaic. (as much as I'd like it.)

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Mike Hoyem of the Fort Myers News-Press reviewed more than a year of jail inmate complaints in Lee County, finding inmates "complain about everything from spider bites and poor sanitation to being underfed.

They frequently accuse corrections officers of cursing them, harassing them, even assaulting them. And they claim there is poor supervision in jails, where they are allegedly "left unmonitored for hours."

"One inmate filed at least 19 complaints about receiving "small portions" of food rather than "full portions."

Although many complaints are deemed unfounded, grievances can and do lead to investigations of jailer conduct. In one case, an accused officer was given a reprimand after admitting that she cursed inmates, trashed their cell block and threw spitballs at them as they slept, the story says.

The research found the most common complaints involved allegations that corrections officers harassed inmates.

Other popular complaints included being cursed or called names and being treated unfairly. Related items posted with this story include a closer look at some of the grievances and an explanation of the newspaper’s research efforts.
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