June 1st, 2004

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6694 Day off.. how I miss you already.


The official hurricane season starts today and extends until the end of November. The weather-folk are figuring for a thicker season with eight or more named storms. It's one of the risks we take living here in South Florida - or anywhere along the Atlantic coastline.

I could cope with a little misting, after yesterday's heat wave.

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Diseases Database: described as "a cross-referenced index of human disease, medications, symptoms, signs, abnormal investigation findings etc".

Map24 is a fascinating piece of mapping software.. reminds me of a non-sat-mapped version of the stuff used by ACIM. I can see why it won a webby for Technical Achievement. I'm not sure why it uses email, but my firewall blocks it, and the software functions just fine. I imagine it's a way to collect data on most viewed areas.

Other nations: UK version - Belgian - German - Danish - Dutch  - Finnish - French - Italian - Swedish

Awesome Bollywood Vanilla coke ad. (real player) WAKAW! Ice Creamy Thanda!

The Statistic of one of every 75 men in prison (USA) amazes me.

I wonder if penal colonies are an option any more?

Dadaist Cut-up Garfield Comic Strip Creator.

Wow, I really like these more than the source material.

Well, I thought Danny kind of hosed me on my day off... I thought we were going to spend some time together, but plans changed and he worked around the house instead until the late afternoon. Launching at 3pm on a work night fairly sucks. I wonder if it was due in part to his current care needed with funds for the summer, some responsibility to cleanup or if he was feeling guilted into spending some time with the Mrs? All were probably factors. Whichever way, the remapping of my vacation time was a peeve. Instead of haunting the apartment, I decided to go for a personal expedition, and have Danno call me on the cell when he became available. I took a walk up to Riverfront, and rode the water taxi down to the Swimming hall of Fame. Dan and I finally got together about 4pm, and he picked me up at the Elbo Room Where I was hanging out, people-watching and listening to the live band do a cover of Werewolves of London.

I wasn't so annoyed once Dan arrived... I was enjoying a hot day and a cold beer... lots to see and do.. two cool crane-boats, goofy guys riding by slowly in cars trying to troll for girls in bikinis, lots of people in general enjoying the day off. I was glad that I was going to get to spend more than 45 minutes with him I was expecting.

I didn't forget to take a minute at 3pm to contemplate Memorial Day and what it means... I'm very thankful.

After Dan Picked me up, we puttered around a little before deciding to go to the Mai-Kai for cocktails. We hung out there and talked about Godzilla, the atmosphere there, and I came home with another Tiki-man rum-punch cup to go with the rest of my collection. Our server Natalie was charming, but inept. I think she's surviving on sugar alone. In her defense, it *was* happy hour, and the place was starting to hop.

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I got a little color, not to mention a little burn no my nose and upper cheeks.

Nifty "Found Sounds" at Archive.org... categories include Nature, mechanical, contraptions, and field recording, and are growing.

Oddball Spoken word - Recordings of Dale by Milwaukee Luke who was working at a 7-Eleven (located in Milwaukee) in the mid 1990's where Dale would shop and talk for hours. Recorded on a microcassette recorder and edited by Milwaukee Luke to feature the best conversations.

I was totally engrossed... I've seen quite a few people like that on the bus and in my travels through the city.

More Spoken Word.

Archive.org is wonderful stuff.
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