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June 3rd, 2004

6696 quickie

Got a surprise visit from Dan yesterday.. the last one before he launches for his vacation. We got to have a nice drive and chat.. did stop-offs at the local tiki-hut, and made up a story about the people across from us... Fergie and her MI6 bodyguards... and the Big Louie's Waitress the looked like a blend of KC, Kiersten Dunst, and a Cro-mag.

We had a pretty good day, all in all.

It was deathly hot once again outside... and pressure's on at the office... Big Kahuna and CC are going north next week, and I have to prepare them traveling packets. I feel like Q, getting them ready, demonstrating how to use a laptop and powerpoint, putting a folder together with local internet access numbers, emergency CDs of information, and statistical reports for them to reference. Not really hard work, but fun, anyway.

I forgot to call GP yesterday... I also have to fire off my rent check today. Both of those will happen by end of day.

VS & I were targeted by someone pulling the speaker-scam at lunch. (We were walking past the bank on the way back from lunch.) I first heard about this stuff about a month ago. Man, only a sap would buy something from a van. Site Meter

For everyone who missed Fortean Times issue 180 February 2004:

August Strindberg on absinthe
Thomas De Quincey on opium
Aldous Huxley on mescaline
The Grateful Dead and ESPs
Lewis Carroll on mushrooms

Also, there's a new community, fortean_news more nifty articles shown here

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