June 5th, 2004

Kind lady

6700 Laundry done, moribund

I have no idea where my sweatpants are. I wonder if they were stolen from a load the last time I did laundry? Or the time before last?

They're not anywhere my clothes should be, unless they fell down behind the hamper... nope, not there, either. Maybe in the linens between the towels. I'm too lazy to get up and look again. If they are, I'll find 'em a few showers from now.

Speaking of showers, my heavy rains never came.

I've *already* seen multiple copies of Harry Potter 3 listed as available on assorted download sites. I wonder how many are actually the bootleg version, and how many are another movie renamed for download?

I referred to someone as looking nicely moribund today, just to see if they'd take it as a compliment. They did. I think that it's a good thing that they were sitting down, otherwise, they might've thought I was referring to their backside (buns).

Consider this while you ponder the state of obesity here in the U.S.: 300,000 people will die of starvation in Sudan's Darfur region even if emergency aid is delivered immediately.

If no aid is forthcoming, triple that number.

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gabitus meme-

I look like Tim Robbins / Woody Allen & Rutger Hauer? Link is good for 48 hours

I can sort of see Tim Robbins. I would *like * to see Rutger, but don't really... but that's offset by the fact that I'm delighted that I don't see Woody Allen, either.

Let's try again.

same Pic, returned - Tim Robbins again, but this time with Kevin Costner and Dennis Bergkamp.

with my super-scotto pic, I get Dennis Bergkamp, Val Kilmer and Anthony Hopkins.

Finally, with classic scotto-icon, I get Richard Dreyfuss, Gabriel Batistuta and David Beckham.

I think the software still needs a little work.

Newt looks like Clint Eastwood, Scott Baio and Dennis Bergkamp, too, so it would seem.

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How does it work?

I see a couple of distinct groups. "Clever-bunnies", artist/musician/photographers, Families, Sillies, Michiganners, Marylanders, Canada-types

Interesting how much overlap there is. My cloud is noticeably smaller than most of the others I've seen.... not a lot of interconnectedness.

Made a search form via google for entries. It's only as good as google's indexing my public entries... but that's decent enough. I've added it to my bio page... I wonder if that'll increase my already heavy google indexing?

Off to get ready for my day's expedition. See you later, dear journal.
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Kind lady

6701 Backski

Well, the trip was mostly a bust. Right as I was heading out the door, Big Kahuna called, and had me swing into the HQ to put the new logo on the powerpoint presentation she's giving in Rhode Island on Monday (and on RC's Michigan demos for next week, too.) After a quick little cleanup of th presentations (about 20 min for the thing, top to bottom) I headed off to the bus station. I wanted to go check out the Con, so I hopped the 55 to the 22, and took that to the numero dos. I rode and rode and rode the 2, and didn't see my stop... and when I got to Dade County, I decided enough was enough and hopped the 18 to the 22 to the central home again.

I didn't take many pictures, or even mess with the palm much, due to the inadvisability of showing off too much valuable hardware in some of the regions I was in. A lot of potentially predator-types out and about and there was no reason to tempt 'em any more than need be. I didn't really talk with anyone on my road trip, just sort of sat back and observed. One young kid had really shaky hands...he was a white kid, and was wearing a do-rag decorated with YO! MTV raps logos all over it. It was in good condition, considering the show has been off the air for about a decade.

As I mentioned before, I never made it to the convention, but I don't feel too bad about that. I'm more peeved that I burned 4 and a half hours on the road and didn't do *anything*, but those are the dice I roll when I don't make proper preparations. Put in a lot of walking and people watching... and was very fortunate in that there was enough cloud-cover that things remained cool, but was never soaked-out by the threatening rain.

This is just brilliant.

Radio.Blog is a system that turns mp3s into Flash files and stacks them up in an internet radio player that you can paste into your website. Free program. Windows-only and PHP-hosting-only, right now, according to the FAQ. - Via diepunyhumansdph

Sharp! Sadly, due to security constraints, you can't put php on your lj styles, but it'll look lovely on a homepage.

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