June 6th, 2004

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6702 June 6.

60 years ago today - D-Day / Normandy I know that I appreciate the sacrifices made by the soldiers who fought for us back on that day in '44. It must be hard for me to truly realize what it must've been like at that time, but I've had an active interest in that part of WWII history since I was old enough to read Sgt. Rock comics and watch countless documentaries with my dad and brother on Sunday afternoons. It's astounding to me that nearly a third of the USA's population doesn't really know any of the details about D-Day. (Simple stuff, like the fact that Germany was the enemy, for Pete's sake.)

Bro came by briefly, and I charged up his MP3 player with 128 meg of Bowie, Rancid, and Shorty Petterstein.

Extending my mental powers out over LJ....Watch, as I do a sniff on you, reading my journal....

You are a sensitive person who is in tune with events around you. When you were younger, you were different from other people that you knew. You have always been a little on the outside of things.You are also a caring and honest person, perhaps too much so, but you have difficulty in letting people get to know the real you. When you finally do let someone inside, you keep him or her close to you for a long time. In fact, there is someone that you are close to that you are concerned about right now. You worry too much though and can best help this person by continuing to be a positive influence in their life.

Does that sound like you? Pretty close?

OK, how about if I add the rest:

Your intuition is strong and you feel that you may have always had a bit of a sensitivity or a psychic ability. You have occasionally dreamed of things before they happened or at least had a strong sense of 'deja vu' under certain circumstances.

If I add the fact that you have a scar on one knee, someone would probably start freaking out, and screaming for me to get out of their head. So I won't.

A plague of cookies!!Site Meter, via waxy_org

I'm especially partial to the frogs.

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Playing with Shockwave a bit... it's a shame that it's such a security risk... I'd like to embed a few things on my calendar page and such.... stalactites dripping, etc.

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