June 7th, 2004

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Nice slow day yesterday. Made up for the early morning alarm call.

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Talked a bit with GP yesterday, and conversation spun around to musical renditions of super-heroes.

Trapped in a pyramid he saw a light!
It came from a glowing meteorite!
Sending cosmic rays stronger than the sun
Through his body and brain, and when it was done
There! (Where?)
There! (Where?)
There...stood The Element Man!

Or.. there sat the Element Man, clipping his toenails. That's one of my favorite images of him, just because it's plain goofy. Dollars to doughnuts, I'll be the top hit page for superhero toenails, just you wait, dear journal. Man, did he get overkill... a pyramid, a caveman, and a meteorite all in the same first few pages of his career. Another thing about his theme: I think of They Might Be Giants - Minimum Wage theme when the snare drum lead in to his music starts to play.

Not to be outdone, Katt sent me this Spider-man song... "Square-Boy" I've stowed them on a freebie space, to save my bandwidth. rather than streaming, I'd advise right-clicking and save as... then wait ten minutes as it rolls down the pipe. Square Boy is some sort of weird mix of Queen and Schoolhouse Rock. I fear that it'll be in my noggin when I go to see Spidey 2: Electric Boogaloo, at the end of this month.

The tune is from the Original Spidey Rock opera. I just might see if I can pick up a copy of the whole thing. I can hear Christopher Walken (as the Continental) saying the Wow-Wowee line in my head as clear as day. I think he's my favorite SNL guest. More Cowbell, Trivial Psychic, The Centaur Job Intervewer, that "Boulevard of Broken Balls" song, and Pot Roast as Badger-bait.

GP mentioned that Troy was worth seeing, though the small screen would be fine. Apparently Pam hated it, but I'm happy that there was a big horse and a lot of fighting. I figure that I'll have to watch it in pieces, because three hours of an "okay" movie sounds to be a bit much.

Chain Saw Injury Statistics. Nifty graphic.

Man, how times have changed. I can now emulate Atari ST games on my palm. I'm looking forward to Dungeon Master, Populous, and Civilization.

I'm going to want to see this again in a year. When Mr. T's A-Team construction abilities go horribly wrong.

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I'm thinking good thoughts for Mi Hala, sending positive vibes for today and the week.
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scotto monkeypulse

6705 - Need a new host

My Site hosting service of over 6 years is calling it quits. I was hosted for *very* cheaply, and had solid access to the server.

I've got a month to relocate to a new host, and would *really* like to hear about any sites that can offer some basics for a reasonable price.

If you've got a site host you love, or know of a good deal, please let me know by posting in the comments here or emailing me directly at scottobear@livejournal.com

All I really need is the basics, support for MySQL, php, and root access to my directories. I don't have a huge bandwidth issue.

Thanks in advance, dear journal-readers!