June 12th, 2004

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6711 Astronauts, Hound Dogs, doodles and my first $0.21

Sammy was the first to click through on of the paying links for me yesterday, and it was worth $0.21 (I can't click through for myself, because it violates the TOS.)

I'm hosted at rydia now... http://scottobear.com.users.rydia.net/, until scottobear.com slides over to the new host.

To celebrate, I added a Doodle-board message thingie.

currently at - http://scottobear.com.users.rydia.net/picture.cgi, though it'll probably be on the toybox page once I configure it the way I like it. Sam did a pretty cool drawing already, even while I was just configuring the thing.

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Hee.. it reminds me of a puppy version of Walnut.

Animal Crackers are extra delicious if you make the sound of the animal before chewing it up. Bonus points if you make predator noises immediately leading up to or after swallowing. (see also 4/10/2002 entry on Animal Crackers, about 2 paragraphs down for more fun)

That said... I had to look up a camel's natural enemy. (Predator noises as a man ... I do a pseudo-Arabic war whoop and then whip-cracking noise. I've since discovered that other than man, the primary predator of the camel is the tiger.

I would not have guessed that.

City of Heroes was cruel yesterday... I must've been hospitalized five times.

Do They have bargain basements anymore? I've lived at sea level for so long that I'd forgotten about stores with subbasements full of sales...until I found myself using the term. I don't know what pried that term loose.

Yucatan Brand Soyquitos are pretty dang tasty, and not bad at all diet-wise, but suffer from "serving size syndrome". a serving is three soy-taquitos, and ten come in a pack. I guess I'll just divide by three for the remaining lone gunman.

They're nowhere to be found on the net yet, so I'm guessing them to be a pretty new item. Next time I open the freezer, I'll post nutritional info.

[update: The box says it's got 10, but inside were 12. a typo, or a misload? Either way, it meets the rule of 3]

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Final Note - They are *much* better baked in the oven, rather than microwaved.

Looks like the "Hustler Store" is coming to town after all. A lot of unhappy Victoria Parkers couldn't stop it from coming in.

Commissioners drop plans for new limits on sex shops Collapse )Site Meter

I say let it get built... if people don't want it, it'll lose money and collapse on its own. I wonder a bit if that was a bit of straight-bashing, considering how many gay clubs and pride-stores featuring toys and stuff are in the area.

An example as to why I'm not a big one about being an astronaut. Heck, I don't trust Nasa with my oxygen, let alone with my safety. Plus, I'm a more earthbound sort of fellow, anyhow.

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Heck, I've seen what happens when a warehouse doesn't stick to OSHA rules... add sealed systems and many no-escape situations and that's a "No thanks, I'll just work at mission control." in my book.
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