June 14th, 2004

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The cool thing about listening to the Adventures of Harry Lime is that you know they all take place before the movie.

Listening to a bit of Philip Marlowe, too. I dig the opening line - "Crime is a sucker's road, and those who travel on it end up in the gutter, the prison or the grave!" (Speaking of which, my Brother moves into his own apartment on Tuesday.)

There's something to be said about a man who tries to do the right thing from deeply felt loyalty and conviction, who is punished and betrayed for his efforts. What that thing is, I'm not sure.

By the way, *AVOID* the film version of The Long Goodbye with Elliot Gould. El Stinko, even as a parody. A lot of people like the movie, but I'm not one of 'em, dear journal.

Something I meant to mention a while back...but forgot to add.

How do you feel about having your food prepared by someone with a nasty black eye?

I went out to Blimpie's with Danny a week or three ago, and the sandwich maker had a colossal shiner. That made me think twice before ordering, even though I knew that you couldn't get "black eye" germs on the bread or anything. Something in my mind just railed against having my tasty lunch assembled by a guy that got socked, and hard. I referred to him as Luka, but Danny didn't get the joke at the time, so I let it slide. He was a reasonably big guy, about 45 years old. Dan's comments were more along the lines of "what's a 45 year old guy doing as a sandwich maker?" than "I wonder what the story was behind who belted that guy?"

My reply to his question was that not everyone can get or hold jobs outside of the fast food sector... that led me to wonder about other people showing up to work with black eyes of their own. How much would that screw up a suit and tie video conference? A secretary taking dictation? A used car salesman? So many jobs need a face, and that's taken for granted. I could get away with it... programming and hardware doesn't care what you look like, but how would my coworkers react? I would think that it'd throw some judgment into the mix that might last for a while.

Heck, back into the work sector, what about a waitress? Would she get better tips out of sympathy, or would more people bail out?

I wonder how that'd affect how a person does their job? Self-image is a big part of how people interact with others, after all.

How long before "Yeah, but you should see the other guy..." got old?

Back when I was at IMT, I would've taken delight in seeing Wally with an eye-bruise.

Man, I'm so glad that I live in this day and age... I just have to shower daily. I get a feeling of residue if I wait more than 24 hours or so between washing up.

I liked Splitter's old Legion name, "Arms-fall-off Boy", more. doesn't exactly flow off of the tongue, but it paints a picture. He's among my favorite Super-losers, like Matter-Eater Lad, Infectious Lass and Bouncing Boy.

Upsides of being on call all weekend - In the A/C rather than Satan's sock hamper, played with Newtie, got some good programming in, and caught up with my reading. Friday, after being outside for just an hour, I was a complete sweat-factory. Bleh.

Of the world's 100 largest economic entities, 51 are now corporations and 49 are countries.

I would not have thought France was #4, or that it (or Italy, for that matter) would be higher than China.

There a lot of people in the blogiverse (blogosphere? whatever.) that have some form of dependent personality disorder, in my opinion. Some sort of unhealthy need for attention above and beyond what should be required. I've seen both sides of that sort of problem in real life (fortunately, not for quite a long time) , and it never ends well.

I've tripped over many who have fabricated a life threatening illness, a lost pregnancy or some other form of heartbreaking drama just to get some sort of feedback. I pity them, and am disgusted by how they steal energy from kind people.

I feel even more for folks that extended a little humanity to the fabricators. Nobody should be punished in that way for having an open heart. I'd hate to see those people hardened by falsehood and then unavailable to someone who actually *needs* extra sympathy and care.

Stuff like that makes it tough to be existential.

There's a quote that I once heard a while back, probably Rob Wilson's.
"The philosopher Carlin's three major types of public nuisances -- the stupid, the crazy and those just plain full of shit -- have changed proportions in my mind as I grow older. I used to attribute almost everything awful to stupidity and looniness, but now I more and more suspect the major problem is that so many people are full of shit."

I like my little purple turtle-themed post it notes. Very Handy, and just hippie enough to get a smile out of people I leave 'em for. They're almost gone, and I got them as a gift. Not sure where I can go to get more of 'em.

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