June 15th, 2004

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6715 Snzkx. Wake up, and get a move on, Scotto.

How do I feel?

"Queequeg no care what god made him shark...wedder Fejee god or Nantucket god; but de god what made shark must be one dam Ingin."

- Herman Melville, Moby Dick
Chapter 66, "The Shark Massacre"
Well...maybe that's a little vague. But that's where I'm at.

That comment counter meme thing is broken. it only tallies the first 9999 comments, and I whooshed through that around the first year or so I was online. (I was a posting fiend back then, too.) I look forward to when the counter-gizmo is back on track as I'm actually pretty interested in seeing who my top 10 posters are. Right now, I could venture a guess about a few folks but not all.

My actual stats as of this post - Journal entries: 6,715 / Comments: Posted: 33,253 - Received: 32,336

I saw a big honkin' lizard on my travels yesterday.

Howdy, Mr. Lizard!
(via the doodleboard)
That's about to scale, maybe a little large. :)
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I first spotted him on the sidewalk, where I thought it was a kid's rubber toy because it had such vivid coloring of yellow / green (reminiscent of Le Grenouille, actually.) and a head that seemed overlarge for its approximately yard-long body (from nose to tail-tip). Then, I noticed it was chewing up a *large* locust. I got my palmtop out just in time to photograph it at it set to skittering up a tree. I wish that I had put something next to him for a scale factor.... the images don't express how giant he was, nor how vibrant his colors. Not nearly as washed out as the image would lead you to believe. That bright green of fresh grass in summertime, and the yellow of a lemon's rind.

Look at that thing's head! You could probably crack walnuts on it.

Did my good deed for the day, I fixed Calamity's Pillage icon. (It was the least I could do, after pointing out the typo and crushing her in the process. Hope this makes it better!)

Mm-mm mycoprotein. Quorn "Chicken" nuggets, made with the fine off-product of fungus.

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Yum. Spores! They're what's for dinner! Especially good with a side of diet cherry coke, green beans and cinnamon applesauce. Yessiree-bob.

Red letter day, I broke $1 profit on google ads. The keywords are weird... I'm averaging about 3ish clickthroughs a day, and about $0.07 each. (Not counting the PSA links, that pay the charities, rather than myself.) I think the $6 a month guess is going to be just about right.

Of course, there's these merciful sites that help others with each click. feel free to share the links. (beats the "What pizza topping am I?" type-quizzes, I'd think)

A few sites for positive change - None of them cost a penny but can help to do good works. Of course, if you'd like to make a financial donation, I'm sure that could be arranged, too.

The Hunger site - food to the hungry

Breast Cancer site - Help to fund free mammograms

Child Health site - Help save young lives

Rain forest Site - help to preserve our rain forests

Animal rescue site - Feed an animal in need.

No charge, they just get funded via clickthroughs. Take a moment to peek if you can.

Hee... Sammy did another doodle on my Oekaki board. He assures me it is his pointer finger.

Hm, Yahoo is fighting Gmail, my account just got 100MB of email storage (over my old 6 meg), and message size up to 10MB

Works for me!

Well, it claims 100 meg, but my status bar still shows "46% of 6.0MB". Maybe it'll be switched over over the course of today.

[edit: now says "3% of 100.0MB" That's better!]

[re:lizard images broken: via photobucket - "Around 10:00 PM MST Last night, one of our master disk arrays started getting disk errors. We have been working on this problem all night. To try and avoid any data loss or corruption, we must do disk checks on each partitition. These disk arrays are very large and are taking hours to run the checks on. We cannot bring much of the site back online until this completes. We are frustrated, tired and very sorry this has happened. We will update you on any progress." I'll have to toss the lizard images onto my rydia server when I get home.]
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