June 20th, 2004

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6724 - Father's Day.

Extra special thoughts for those I care about, and thanks to everyone who has acted as a caregiver and nurtured a living thing.

I'm sort of fascinated by the subject of this community - atlfanghost, a little graffiti ghost that's been painted all over Atlanta. This entry showcases a large number of them, with alt-tags on most of the pictures noting locations.

Much more interesting, and legally dangerous than my own city's blue bikes. I wonder where the pink ones went? The Yellow Shoes are all but gone, too. Someone made a collection of abandoned bikes in New York, too.

The current televised poker trend is more boring than televised golf or fishing, in my book.

Had a nice time co-heroing with dcl yesterday... I think Sammy and whims would get along nicely with him. After logging out, I got a 114 meg update... "through the looking glass" a future chunk of the game. One nice new feature is the ability to tweak your costume post creation now... and of course, I like the addition of instanced outdoor missions. I already know a bit about the new addition.. parallel earths, etc. I dig that the game is growing and evolving with regularity.

My journal is the only hit for Mr Chan's Chinatown Almond Cookies. That's a pity, because they're mighty tasty... I haven't had 'em since that entry.

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