June 26th, 2004

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6737 - more misc

Webalizer is a lot sharper than the old stats package I used to nibble on.

It's sort of a disappointment to me that more people seek out the melon-girl on the gallery page than newtcam, but that's to be expected of net- pervies. Maybe I should put an evil clickthrough on that picture...or at least one that will get me a nickel each time someone looks at it.

I'm really tempted to pick this laser keyboard up, just for the uber-nerd "Science!" factor. The rechargeable batter lasts 3 to 4 hours which seems fair.

Waxy's hosting Heat Vision and Jack. well worth the download. Get it while his bandwidth lasts! Well worth the 280ish megs.

Random memories:

When I was a kid, I had a few favorite junk foods that I couldn't get enough of. My brother and I beat our parents home by about three hours or so, and we were always keen on a little bite to eat right after school. We were fairly well-off, but that might've been a result of how frugal my folks were with the grocery bill.

Steak-umms. (usually prepared with american cheese (bleah), and A-1 sauce on a hamburger bun)

Mac & cheese (with peas.) (Our house always got whatever the el cheapo 3 for $1 grocery-store brand was, with the day-glow orange powder of plague.) Always had butter, but more often than not, there was no milk in the house. I acclimated to bad mac & cheese pretty earl in life, which made being broke in college that much more acceptable.

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