July 6th, 2004

Prisoner Quiz

6756 - Journey, part 4, Sinister BBC series edition

Some things that seem taken from the set of The Prisoner TV series

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The Stone Boat

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I would like to visit Portmeirion, sometime.

Lego Zombie Movie - All of The Dead Hooray once again for the Internet archive!

See Also: Cakeman.

Cake Man

By Joshi

cakeman eats cake
cakeman eats sandwiches
cakeman lives in a house
made of cake and cherries and orange sugar

cakeman sleeps
when it's night
and his bed is made of cake and cherries and orange sugar

How to knit edible panties using only chopsticks and twizzler-type candy.

I wish I was kidding. 302 calories. via knitty.

Helped Dan to set up his web page for school last night... Newt was a fussbudget while Dan was here... I think it was because Dan was taking up all of my attention and his kitty comfort comfort zones.

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(also via the whole comics blog village.)