July 9th, 2004

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6762 - music, people watching, and pizza.. a decent night.

Went out to pizza with Danny, and had a nice long session of talking and people-watching. there's a lot on his mind lately, and I hope that the pressures ease up. I think he's going to have to come to some major decisions regarding work, and soon.

ADP let me down in a big way last night...couldn't remember after three reminders and having written it down. I don't know what to do about her. Everyone's entitled to mistakes, but hers are consistent. If she can't be relied upon to do it, I'll launch sexual predator calls myself, if need be. I'm glad I thought to call and ask if the job was launched, or they'd not have gone out at all, rather than late.

nice paid perq. If you're logged in as a paid user, you "cut in line" of other web requests that Lj's received but has not yet generated a response.

Speaking of servers, My lj has moved again.
scottobear is on Madcow, subcluster 3.
coloringbook is on Chef, subcluster 7.
live_journalia is on Cartman, subcluster 7.
menstrualhut is on Santa, subcluster 3.

Where in LJ are you?

Making Fiends #10! Chompy Bats Like Ice Cream!

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No pics today, because photobucket is being a ninny. Maybe later on... I'm running late, Dear journal. Until then!
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scotto monkeypulse

6764 - just in re: condo -

via my real estate contact -

I think the broker has presented multi offers and maybe possibly a cash offer with a quick closing, hard to tell, I have to call him 2x a day to see what's happening. I just left him a message that I have brought him a full priced offer from a qualified buyer, please give me a response today. got to wait unfortunately.

If they got someone to drop full price with cash, I'm probably out of luck... otherwise, I'm in the running.

[update: - Well..it bit the dust,just as I thought a full price cash offer came in with a 4 week closing so the seller took it,I will continue to look and let you know whats new ]
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