July 12th, 2004

Florida LP (local)

6768 etc

The Kingdom of Loathing - pretty nifty online rpg. About. I'm a Level 2 turtle trainer.

Hooray for Bollywood Torrents! Hum Tum is pretty nifty, for a he-said / she-said sort of movie.

Word of warning... surfing for a website for the above movie gave my mozilla a case of vbs.redlof.a. My Systems combo of Norton Antivirus and MSIE seemingly has immunity, due to caching differences.

According to Wired,

322 municipalities and four states -- Alaska, Hawaii, Maine and Vermont -- have Patriot Act resolutions... calling on Congress to repeal or change parts of the USA Patriot Act that, activists say, violate constitutional rights such as free speech and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.

Check to see if your region is one of the 322.

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p.s. Side note.. All episodes of Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat are coming to DVD Good thing.. I only have a couple of episodes on my random access tapes. (Last viewed August 6, 2001)