July 13th, 2004

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You can get a skewed perspective on human behavior working at the gig that I do. A sampling of policemen (both good and bad), a few menopausal co-workers, folks with dementia, sexual predators, troubled kids, messed up families and the like could make a lot of people jump to the assumption that everyone on the planet is somehow off-balance, and not only by a little bit.

My mindset is to look at it like I'm a fireman... sure, I see a lot of houses on fire, but people don't call when there *isn't* a fire.... it'd be a fool who thinks all buildings are burning, everywhere.

I'm glad that there are co-workers and cops that are solid and on top of their game to reinforce this belief. (Not to mention swell folks outside the industry.)

I still would gladly see proved child molesters tossed onto a penal work-island for life. There's no reprogramming them without falling into the "cruel and unusual" category of brainwashing/torture that I know of, so the next best thing is to isolate them, until a cure is found... in my opinion. I don't think that a well-run penal colony is cruel or unusual for "unreformable" criminals. Make whatever counseling is deemed appropriate available, but also make them work for their keep.

Infectious Disease trading cards, from the CDC. collect 'em all! Who needs baseball players when you can play flip or put Ecoli or rabies in your bicycle spokes?

thanks for the link, gael!

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