July 14th, 2004

scotto monkeypulse

6772 - Nuts and doodles.

Doodled on the way home yesterday.

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nifty! (via flying_blind, by way of waning_estrogen.)

In HoL, I'm now a level 3 Frog Director. Collapse )

I also really like the haiku dungeon. I never realized that Gelatinous cube had five syllables.

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Outdoors, I've been seeing a lot of ace bandages and bird carcasses lately. A minimum of torque. I haven't been to a boiler room in a long time.

I want one of Bradbury's Martian Bee-bellows guns. *wheeze* *ptui* *bzzt* *Thwop*.

Clean, aloe-fresh victory is mine. Take that, bubonic plague. Hooray for hot showers!

Until later, dear journal.