July 17th, 2004

Kind lady

6775 a die-lemma.

Hmmm... do I risk the rain, and take a journey to the Seaquarium today? I have to decide if I want to journey that far South again. Upside, I might get some spiffy pictures from the metrorail, if nothing else.

To get there, I'm going to take the 55 to the central term, from there to the Lauderdale Tri-Rail station ... then take Metrorail to Brickell Station. From there take Bus B to Key Biscayne, this will drop me off in front of the park. Map - Public Transportation Trip Planner

I'll percolate on it for an hour and decide then.

Meantime, here's a happy mind flayer, enjoying his breakfast.

Random Scotto factoid: I've never liked using blue ink, especially from a ball-point pen. I think it has an odd look about it, and black has much better contrast. Red's ok in small doses... valentines or highlighting errors. I don't mind "fun" colors like purple or green.

I wonder how that blue caught on? Is it cheaper? Was it really fun and different when first released? It seems to be the color of choice at schools.

I have very small handwriting. Depending on my mood and level of weariness, it can go from fair to totally illegible.

A French anti-AIDS organization created these ads depicting super-heroes with the disease. Link one, Link two (PDF files). (via boingboing)

Warriors.... come out to play-ayyyyyyy!

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Kind lady

Phone Post: 6777 - 2nd phone post from trip

100K 0:27
“It strikes me as odd, that it seems that not many peopole use the phone post anymore. I don't know why that is, I don't know if it just was a flash in the pan trend that just stopped taking off... uh, either that or most of the people that I know of that do the phone post usually are a: aren't traveling with their cell phone lately, because it's summertime, or b: they're not drinking as much, and they don't have an excuse to talk on it. I'll have to research this more in-depth later. Until later jo jer... [DEAR JOURNAL]”

Transcribed by: scottobear