July 20th, 2004

scotto piercing gaze superhero


Made plans set in sand (if not stone) to go see I, Robot with Dan on Thursday... I'm going to go in, with Asimov-free bias. I just want a fun sci-fi / action movie with robots. I think Will Smith can pull that off. If I want Asimov-tight story, I'll watch Bicentennial Man.

It surprises me how aggressive women can be to other women, watching a dynamic where the people are primarily female gives an interesting vantage. Cliques, backstabbing, and political friendships pop up much more quickly from what I've seen. I've observed this once prior, when I worked at the library, ages ago.

60 years ago today, Operation Valkyrie was attempted. (An assassination plot against Hitler via a time bomb.) I wonder how things would've turned out if it had succeeded?

It's also the 35th anniversary of the moon landing... I also wonder how things might've turned out if that failed?