July 21st, 2004

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Brother, can you spare a job? A cartoon in classic old style, featuring narrative audio by GWB.

Want to know where I currently stand, politically, dear journal? Well, it's like this.

The "anyone but Bush" mindset is one I can't support. I know that I certainly don't much care for the man... But is Kerry any better? Every time I hear him speak, my opinion of him drops. His only selling point to my mind right now is "well, he's not Bush". That's not valid enough. Is he going to do anything for the environment? I haven't heard. Stance on big business? I don't know, for sure. Is he really the lesser of two evils... I don't have enough quantitative evidence to know. If I played the odds and was forced to pick, it's *likely* that Kerry's a better guy, just because Bush's policies are horrid to my mind... but likely isn't good enough. I'd like to know one way or the other.

All I've seen so far is "Nyah-nyah" crap debate, and it makes me unhappy with any choice that can be made.

Will I vote? Oh yeah. Will I adore who I vote for? Oh, no.

New Citizens Say GOP Took Away Their Right To Choose

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Dario Cruz has lived in the United States for 16 years, but just became a citizen last week as he and about 200 other immigrants were naturalized.

One of the things he had always wanted to was register to vote, but when he was offered the chance to do that right outside the ceremony, he knew something wasn't right -- the place on the form where you're asked to choose Democrat, Republican or independent was already filled out. Collapse ) (via)

I train a new tech today. we'll see how he works out. I have low expectations, but high hopes. I'll settle for him to be better than my worst current tech, and able to work Sundays. I'd like for him to be as good as my best tech, but we'll have to wait and see.Site Meter

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Poll #324017 Scary?

Which is the most frightening sort of beastie / horror?

Vampire (Sex and Disease)
Ghost (Death & the Unknown)
Werewolf (Id vs Ego / Invasion from Within)
Zombie (Entropy)

Some other Archetype?

As always, feel free to go into greater detail in the comments.

It seems that a common theme is isolation, and helplessness amongst all of them.