July 26th, 2004

Kind lady

6793 I don't know why he's complaining... he can stay home.


I'm not really fond of Monday's week-start review meetings. it takes hours, and isn't as productive as I'd like. At least I usually get to give my presentation first, and then bail. I have a lot of stuff to get out of the way this morning, to boot.

Strong sweet tooth lately... not sure why I'm craving it so much. It's not like my body is in need of raspberry sugar for proper functioning.

I have a case of wanderlust, and as soon as I get the new tech fully worked out, I'm certainly going to take a trip. I just have to decide the duration and destinations.

Recently received this as ebay feedback: - I would, without hesitation, endorse this man for president. Well thanks, Kevin! Site Meter

APOD: A Solar Filament Lifts Off - Amazing.

World's Finest - Batman/Superman Fan film, from the makers of Batman - Dead End. (via)

I didn't know until yesterday that Ray Bradbury has been wheelchair-bound since his stroke in '99. Or if I did, I forgot that I did.

His short story, A Sound of Thunder has been made into a movie... (previews)

It seems the movie takes the introduction and runs with it, probably not in the direction that I want to see, let alone the message.

Speaking of Movies, I really don't see how the studios could improve on The Manchurian Candidate. Someone tell me what the new Gulf War version has to do with Manchuria ? (The Original was based on the Korean war... thus the title.)

Mathematical Atlas: A gateway to Mathematics

"It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment." ~Ansel Adams

Hmm... that image up top might make a good icon. Let's see... Maybe.


I don't know which Private Eye is the most definitive to me... Lew Archer, Richard Diamond, Sam Spade, or Philip Marlowe. Digging Archer right now, because I just finished The Drowning Pool. (the first time I've read it since my days at the BBCL) I've never seen the movie, but wouldn't mind checking it out, now that the tale is fresh in my mind.

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