July 28th, 2004

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6796 - Thoughts on this journal, etc

I've been at it for more than a few years now....posting at least once a day. Sometimes a good deal more, but generally first thing in the morning.

I think that keeping a daily log of stuff is a low-grade compulsion... what would it be in champions? Common, Moderate? 10 points? Maybe I've bought it down closer to a 1-point GURPS quirk in recent years. Still devoted enough to do daily entries, but the 8x a day is probably gone until I'm bedridden or something.

I've been working on my writing again, and am going to try to submit a few oldies to a few new places.

Major Reworking of the company website ahead. I look forward to it having some freshness, but I fear for a lack of marketing skill and "too many cooks" syndrome before everything settles back down.

I got my $20 back! The ATM guy went to look at the machine, saw the bill wedged in the device inside the hopper, and called my voice mail about 10am. I called him back at about 4pm, and he rant the bill right to my door. you can't ask for better service than that!

It's occurred to me that if anyone else did to my brother what he did to himself, I'd probably have killed the bastard.

Gallery of retro science book covers - I had access to a *lot* of these as a kid. I know for certain that I had Dinosaurs, Rocks & Minerals, Rockets & Missiles, The Human Body, and Oceanography.

My neighbor Jason had copies of Horses and Primitive Man, too. I wonder how much the impacted our growth as kids? Not a great deal, I suspect.. don't most kids go through a dinosaur / science phase? (Some never escape it.)

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