July 31st, 2004

scotto monkeypulse

6800 - I'll be left there on the wall at the store.

Didn't do much with Danny last night... went to the Ole' Ole', got a plate of loaded nachos and a couple of margaritas, and meandered a little while talking about nothing in particular. The evening was interrupted briefly by the big kahuna calling in on my cell phone, and my giving her a quick tutorial on how to use outlook express to send attachments.

We walked over to the Museum of Discovery and Science, where I picked up a couple of trinkets of happiness for assorted folks. A little treatie-wheatie for my sweetie, in particular... Also, I need to get a few other addresses to send stuff.

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Hippie pal Dave has been rather brusque lately. Not sure why, but that's his deal. I suspect he's working hard, and paying the price a bit.

So many folks on the "run silent, run deep" mode lately... this often seems to happen in summertime. Almost like Seasonal Affective Disorder, but at the wrong time of the year...I wonder if bio-clocks can be adversely touched by summer light as well? Maybe some folks need more melatonin, than less?

I can name at least a few people that I've perceived to be more depressive in the summer months. Maybe it's anniversaries, or something else... I just want folks to feel better. Summer seems to be a time when burnout runs high, too.

The Complete Daimajin (Daimajin/Wrath of Daimajin/Return of Daimajin) is collected on DVD! I just added it to my wish list, though I'll probably order it by next weekend for myself.

The best way to get a free iPod is to swing around a stick and pretend it's a light saber.

I'm taking call briefly for MM this morning, she should be back by noonish. After that, laundry... from there, I'm free to do my own walkabout. I don't think I'll do port everglades today... maybe next weekend.