August 2nd, 2004

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6802 - August? Where did last month run off to?

I've got to remember to drop my monthly monies in the mail to the landlord. Bro's court date is either tomorrow, or Wednesday, I forget which. I'm sure I'll be reminded by end of day.

I can't believe that I've been at my current gig for almost a year now. Serious time compression / dilation on that side of things.

Cripes... speaking of which, I have my Monday meeting today.. there goes another few hours into the john, unless I can give my update, and bug out.

I'm rather groggy... yesterday's rainstorm put me in some sort of precipitation and cat-snuggle coma for a longer span of time that I needed to sleep. I fell into a deep slumber surrounded by the sounds of water hitting windows and roof, much rolling thunder, and Newt-purrs.

I'm really glad that the pro-wrestling trend has again retreated back into the seedy, tacky corner it came from. Now, I can cope with the wacky stuff like Luchadores and Midget Wresting (or best of all, a joining of the two), but the mainstream WWF/WWE/WWwhatever was just boring and invasive. I haven't felt this good about something not bombarding my media since Clive Barker faded from view.

Ok, this is probably a rental, but I'd love to see a movie with thunderbirds-type puppets doing satire on the big screen, too. Team America - World Police

Fun Facts about the 5 senses

Spiffy Scarecrow game... Makes me long for Halloween.

Can't play a particular DiVX movie? This codec pack might help (Klite is just codecs, mega is codecs plus a quicktime alternative and a realplayer alternative) it's kept fairly up to date, so it's worth checking back the next time a DiVX doesn't work in the future, too.Site Meter

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Robot Buddy Dance-party links!

Dance, Voldo, Dance! - via Whims

Sharp Asian Dance Video/Edit thingum - via Sammy (It's nice that cops all over the world like doughnuts.)

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6803 - My land is a multi-colored land

August 2, 2004

via the FDLE -

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Tom Ridge announced today that the threat level is being raised from Elevated-“Yellow” to High-“Orange” for the financial districts of New York City and Washington D.C. There is no specific threat to Florida and the state remains at a “Yellow” or elevated level along with the rest of the country.

“Florida remains at Yellow. The public can be confident in the fact Florida has a sound domestic security strategy and protocol in place,” said Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Guy Tunnell. “However, it is important for Florida’s citizens and visitors to be vigilant while continuing with their daily activities.”

Precautions the public can take are very similar to steps residents would take for a hurricane. They include:

  • Continue with normal activities while being aware of your surroundings. Exercise caution while traveling.

  • Be alert to suspicious activity and report it to your local law enforcement agency.

  • Develop an emergency communications and disaster plan and exercise that plan.

  • Prepare a disaster supplies kit to sustain your family for three to seven days. It should include a supply of water, food, flashlight, a battery-powered radio, and a first-aid kit.

For additional information on preparing for terrorism, visit,, and

For more information, contact:

Mike Stone, PIO
Division of Emergency Management

Jill Bratina
Governor’s Press Office

Tom Berlinger or Kristen Perezluha
FDLE Public Information Office
(850) 410-7001
scotto piercing gaze superhero

6804 - Break out the Ark, it's a cloudburst!

Ah, now I'm happy.

I take great pleasure from tropical rainstorms... even if I get soaked to the bone waiting for a bus, the massive crashes of thunder and the perfect sedative nature of being at home with all this noise outside is perfectly restive.

I'm here, comfortably curled up with a blanket and Newt... the only thing that'd make it better would be having my sweetheart under the covers with me. (and the additional fur-kids, too.)

Counting Newts is even better than counting sheep to fall asleep.
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