August 3rd, 2004

Kind lady

6805 - pieholes and crutches

Well, I broke a c-note on my adsense account... we'll see how quickly google decides to send me my check. (they have until the end of September to do it, because I rolled right on the first of august... they get 30 days from the end of any month ending with >$100.

A German company offered me another $20 to put a "sponsoren" link on my main page, too It's small and unobtrusive... and links to text, no graphics, no pop ups and no porn. So far, my ad-links are paying about $90-100 a month on average, all told. I'm amazed... this is almost as good as what designers in there were making about six months ago. I don't know how long it'll last, but I'll happily take the money until they decide to stop paying me.

I notice that all of my adsense links are for public service items today... a result of the hundred dollar hump?

With comics like these, I can't help but vote redemopublicratican. Godzilla has my vote all over Morgan Freeman. warning, some potty-mouthage.

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Interesting... David Keith might be a spokesperson for us in Tennessee. (He's already helped with the PROTECT Advisory Board)

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I remember a time on the bus in ninth grade. My friends Brent and Beau were in the bench seat in front of me horsing around, when a girl stumbled and slammed into the side of Beau, knocking his books to the floor... he spouted off with: "Damn, what are you, crippled?"

Right before he saw the crutches.