August 8th, 2004

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6814 - ramble

Just ran a case from Davie, and am now too awake to sleep, but too sleepy to do anything productive. I'll type here until I'm ready to flop back into bed.

Recent events, thoughts -

Apparently, I'm the designated health care surrogate for my brother, should it turn out that he's unable to take care of himself due to mental illness, or whatever. Not sure how I feel about that. I don't foresee it being a problem, really, but I'd have preferred to be asked first, not just notified in passing after the fact.

The thing about keeping a journal online is that I can't safely post publicly about how I feel about *everything*. If it steps on someone else's toes, or might be found by someone who shouldn't see it, or if it's just none of anyone's business but my own, I'll post things privately, my eyes only. Only on very rare of occasions do I post friend's only stuff (at least these days). I'm pretty much an open book except about things that might hurt someone else's privacy or my employment.

Things have happened in my family in recent times that try to chip away at my "gentle giant" sense of self. I come back to myself every now and then, and do a bit of a case study. I think I'm still a friendly, nice guy who is pretty approachable if you're not afraid of giant hippie-looking types.

I have some fundamental flaws that probably will never be repaired. I'm a messy housekeeper. I procrastinate with a lot of things. I have a low tolerance for grossly incompetent people in any service industry. I hate to teach the same person the same thing more than twice. I think that most people are basically nasty, selfish children barely underneath a veneer of slightly more polite behavior and laws enforced by society.

Some good things about me. I do think that everyone is entitled to a little kindness. I feel that some people are able to grow past that selfish child aspect into a kind and giving person. (a lot of people are in the in-between stages.) I think that I set a good example for kids and grownups who are still looking to learn how to behave. I can love unconditionally. I'm more helpful than I am unhelpful. I don't procrastinate on the important stuff. (Newt's always well fed, and given lots of love, for example.) I have a job where I don't have to eat my soul to feed my belly.

Neutral stuff : I'm a social creature, but can function well in a solitary lifestyle. I like to read. I've had people tell me that they're envious of how grounded I am... that I've got things together, no matter what happens. Well, I vent regularly, and try not to lose hope. To screech, and flail and grit my teeth... that's not my style. That's not to say I've never been panicked... but I've usually found that it was a result of a false sense of urgency, or misunderstanding, plus panic rarely helps matters in cases where it might be created.

Is it wrong that since the Toronto Star opened up free, searchable archives of 1945 and put them online, that my first beeline was for the comics pages? Popeye, Little Orphan Annie & Invisible Scarlet O'Neil. Pretty spiffy!

Jack Black is *not* currently going to be in a Green Lantern movie. via

Fun with Google searches -Too lazy to search peer to peer? See what's being hosted and was spidered! via Of course, don't come crying to me if something breaks your machine or gets you arrested.


put this string in google search:

  • “parent directory ” /appz/ -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

  • “parent directory ” DVDRip -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

  • “parent directory “Xvid -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

  • “parent directory ” Gamez -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

  • “parent directory ” MP3 -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

  • “parent directory ” Name of Singer or album -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

Notice only the word after the parent directory varies - change it to what you want and you will get a lot of stuff.


put this string in google search:
  • ?intitle:index.of? mp3
You only need add the name of the song/artist/singer.

Example: ?intitle:index.of? mp3 jackson


put this string in google search:

  • inurl:microsoft filetype:iso
You can vary the string; ex. microsoft to adobe, iso to zip

When I vanity search Icerocket, it uses a thumbnail of my homepage form about 4 years ago. I also found my old photobucket account still has pictures in it.

Deep Sea Images - Some pretty nifty stock stuff of wrecks and undersea life. (including manatees, for Kell.) You can also search by keyword... helps when sniffing for locations. Lots happening in Pompano, for example. Manta Rays!

The Phone Safe is a work-through phone-sheath that you wear on your forearm. Worn with a jacket, it can also act as a concealment device.

Evil Keylogging gizmo. - (plugs between keyboard and computer, small as a quarter.) To access the recorded data, you simply type your password in a text editor and the Key Katcher comes to life. A menu is displayed with options to erase data, view data, search data for keywords, change password, or disable the device.

The Chipmunk Song (slowed down) v

Justice League did a good job on "For The Man Who Has Everything"... I'd like to see them do "Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?" too. The Teen titans had a guest star from two doors over from Bat-Mite and Mxyzptlk's dimension... too many japanimation nods, not enough story. More fun ideas can be had at the Superman Online Comics site.

In the house above the world, the over-people sit.

There is a man with wings like a bird.

There is a man whose eyes can see through the planet,
and whose fists can wring diamonds from its anthracite.

There is a man who moves so fast that his life is an endless gallery of statues.

In the house above the world, the over-people sit.

And watch.
-Alan Moore