August 10th, 2004

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The art of building in South Florida is amazing to me at times... How completely different a region can get, even over the span as short as a month. The gas station across from the laundromat I do my wash has turned into an empty lot, without even a trace of a pump or pavement. Two weeks later, the blank lot is filled with a five story building and is already taking offers for condos.

Lately, Fort Lauderdale has seen even more construction than usual. Every few streets on the grid have the blacktop torn up to lay down fresh pipe, for what I assume is water and sewer for the huge amount of housing that has been springing up like toadstools after a rainstorm. Lit signs, barricades, and guys with flags route traffic to more productive routes... so much orange everywhere; in the form of traffic cones, striped standees with flashing yellow lights on top, and pseudo-fences wrapped around poles in a failed attempt to keep out interlopers. I discovered, quite by accident that the nearby Eckerd's drugstore was widened by about 30%.

Something sort of neat about all of this construction... It seems that most times of day when I'm on my way home, the equipment is left out like giant Tonka toys left behind by a careless, gargantuan five-year-old. for all I know that's what is putting the buildings together while I'm asleep or off at work. If that's the case, maybe I should point the web cam out back.

I'm usually pretty adaptable to cosmetic changes, as long as I don't miss out on services. That gas station was a great place to visit and get little Lego cars while my socks spun around with my towels. Now, I don't have anyplace to go and get $2 toys... if I want to do Lego while I wash, I'll have to bring them with me. Not going to happen, I'm already too loaded down... it's different if you pick up a new trinket (I have approximately 12 Lego-cars at home now, as a memento of that now-vanished store. They live in my buckets of heroclix / mage knight props.) Interesting to me that Danny and I discovered that two years ago, today. Haven't played in an age, but maybe the next time he and I get together we can have a fresh play. I wouldn't mind playing MK with Dave, too, but it seems like those days are gone, with him having so much work and two kids.

Speaking of Danny, his school blocks livejournal. (I imagine Julian can show him how to bust through via an anonymous resurfer, if he has to visit.)

I can't remember the last time I got really drunk. I'm not a heavy drinker, and I go weeks without an alcoholic beverage. I do like having a cold beer after walking home on a hot day, or doing any kind of thirsty work.

Got the urge to revisit the South Park character maker.

Self Portrait.

Stunning Aerial Photos

There're so many Prozac-takers in the UK that urine-borne traces of unmetabolized antidepressant have contaminated the drinking-water supply.

An Environment Agency report suggests so many people are taking the drug nowadays it is building up in rivers and groundwater... The DWI said the Prozac was unlikely to pose a health risk as it was so "watered down"... The exact amount of Prozac in the nation's drinking water is not known.

The Library of Congress has digitized and placed online Lewis Carroll's scrapbook -- clippings and the like that the author found interesting and worth saving. Since it has never been published, this is the only way to see it without going to DC. (via boing_boing)

Suggested Battle-cries for Gigavolt

  • Time to inCAPACITATE you

  • 3...2...1... clear!

  • It's rubber pants time

  • Time for your pants to have a brownout!

  • You're grounded!

  • Behold my big blue bolts!

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Actress Fay Wray of 'King Kong' Fame Dies Collapse )Site Meter Fay Wray Galleries.

Anyone who knows me, knows that King Kong is one of my all time favorite movies. It has *everything*. Giant Ape, Check. Biplanes? Yup. Dinosaur Fight? You Bet! Lesson about Hubris? Dern Tootin. Half naked, pretty girl? Bonus!

Do I need *another* remake? No, not really, but I am looking forward to it.

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