August 11th, 2004

scotto monkeypulse

6818 - Bro update, and etcetera

Bro's scheduled for 1:30 on Thursday. I imagine that unless something comes up that he'll get two years probation. if he stays out of trouble, I imagine that would even be cut down a bit. The last few times I've spoken with him, he seemed to be fairly clear of mind and in good spirits.

Pierced new guy seems to be ok... has a quirky sense of humor, and seems to get it when I crack a joke about the Knights Templar. Unpunctured one seems less likely to make it as a tech. He reminds me a lot of bad-luck Schleprock.

So many changes on the company website... it boggles the mind how big it has grown. Hundreds and hundreds of pages... something for all 50 states, news reports, bios, etc. A real learning curve, but it's definitely worth it. I wish that I could devote more time to the site, but so many other elements sneak up on me.... maybe when more new folks are trained, and I get the telephony server happy.

Why didn't Daredevil ever have a seeing-eye dog super-sidekick?

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