August 13th, 2004

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6821 Friday, Friday... Friday the 13th.

The closer the time comes for the big kahuna to leave town, the more irritable and stressed she becomes. She bites off more than she can chew inside the time frame allotted to her,

Looks like non-pierce tech is doing a fadeout. He hasn't called all week. He didn't seem like a big hit, so no big whoop.

20,000 leagues under the sea - The ride. I really dig the quicktime video of the ride.. very nostalgic. I remember sitting on the fold down seats and being inside on my own, while my dad and mom went to get some ice cream or the like for my brother, who was perhaps four at the time. (that'd put me at eight-ish.) The last time I got to ride it was the summer of '87. (when I was 18, almost a decade later.) After that, the ride was closed for renovations every time I visited. I still remember the pseudo Disney squeezebox music waiting on line... It was in my top three rides with the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Speaking of that fellow, my Bro got 2 years probation, despite the fact that he showed up at court with beer on his breath, and was saying idiot phrases like "if I'm convicted, I can't have a gun". I don't know where his brains went, but they've long since been disbursed. I know in my heart that if his probation officer is worth anything at all, my bro will be jailed before the year is done.

I really don't like it when reanimated corpses vomit on me, and even less so when the explosive charges inside them go off afterwards. (dang supervillains in CoH!)

Well, it looks like Chuck the Storm is going to miss my neck of the woods entirely. Power went out last night at about 1:30m, and heavy rain woke me up before knocking me back to sleep. Sorry Charlie. (how many times will I hear that in the days to come?) I hope it cuts everyone else some decent slack, too!

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