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August 16th, 2004

6827 - I don't smoke cigarettes.

Big Kahuna's in Alabama all this week, opening the state to local law enforcement.

I may be going out to a late lunch with oneeyed and crew after work.I wonder where a good place to dine might be? Some Options

I woke up *voracious*... I could devour a pile of waffles right now.

Philip K. Dick - How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later

divide by zero's free fonts - I really dig geodesic, levity and two turtle doves

Last night's fortune cookie.

"You have unusual equipment for success, use it properly."
Daily Numbers 5 0 8
Lotto Six #'s 39 45 36 37 18 27

What, no Chinese Lesson? I'll resist making any rude "in bed" cookie comment suffix this go 'round.

Found another subset of NOAA's site, this time it's South Florida Specific.

Recently re-discovered the lightning strike site, too - Strikes within the last 3 seconds will appear as a yellow bolt. Older strikes will appear as mostly red and blue dots. The smaller the dots, the older the strike. Red and blue indicates cloud-to-ground strokes. Lavender and purple indicates cloud-to-cloud strokes. The display typically reflects a total of the last 20 minutes activity for any given period.

FEMA has now declared 25 counties in Florida as disaster areas. That's good news for those victims further inland. Aid will be more readily available for the rebuilding efforts.

Storms rolled through central Florida this afternoon - 2000+ lightening strikes recorded in an hour with more than 3” of rain in spots. According to local news additional rain will coming in off of the gulf in the Punta Gorda & North Port areas now.

They are expecting to put a figure to the fatalities in Lee County sometime tomorrow. One optimistic thing is that many people in the hardest hit areas had left for the summer, so it is possible the number will be lower than expected.

The Bradenton Herald is a very good source for information.

The Red Cross is still requesting monetary contributions and that information can be found HERE. They are still the quickest way to get water, food, shelter and comfort to the victims.

As a petty / karmic redemption side note, I hope that this disaster milks every penny out of the evil, evil, evil Liberty Mutual company.

Photos of Disney World preparations, and post-storm Hurricane Charley. (I'm surprised they didn't just cover the park with a big plastic dome topped with mouse ears.) Interesting to see all the hanging signs tethered in place. (The last thing anyone needs is to be impaled by a flying bit of Jungle Cruise sign.) He's got other nifty shots, too... like the construction of Expedition Everest.

I'd like to have this as a Disclaimer all around my property. (for web-cam usage)

It strikes me as funny that people don't think of Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Egypt as Oriental. It's not called the Middle East for nothing, y'know. I wonder if Arabs were *ever* referred to as "Orientals" in the old days, before that term was made politically incorrect? I still Figure myself to be an "Occidental".. "The Orient" is a much niftier term than "Eastern Lands."

Interesting portraiture by Mary Ellen Mark. Circus Folk in India, including a Hippo Trainer and little people in monkey suits.

Going over LJ's stats.

It looks like the male population is dwindling, at less than a third of the total gender specified userbase.

Where I fall out of 4,179,761 accounts

I have -

  • Updated in the last 24 hours (like 268,799 others)

  • Permanent account - something like 0.0003% of the users here (one of 1618)

  • Most popular county - USA (2,035,801)

  • 2nd most popular State - Florida (191,899)

  • Of the very few 35 year olds (7379) (and the numbers dwindle each year!)

6828 - Alabama

We're in Tuskaloosa, Alabama for 10 minutes, and already I have a case.

Missing 8-year old boy... left for school, and wasn't on the bus when it arrived.

I hope he just missed the ride, or is playing hooky. I do know that there's a sexual predator with a history of pedophilia two and a half miles from where the boy was last seen.

sexual predator info-


missing kid is a black male, 4', 75lbs, brown eyes, black hair, wearing a red, gray, black top, black shorts w/white stripe, b/w shoes, black blu pack. been missing since 8:50am Central.

The org's already placed nearly 20,000 calls looking for him.

[edit - Kid returned home safely, he took the bus to the wrong special ed school. Happy ending all around. ]


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