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August 17th, 2004

6829 - snippets and bites

Well, no dice getting together with the oneeyed and the gang... one of their number wanted to return home once the power was on, so it'll have to be next time. Maybe I'll take a day-trip north to see the Edison / Ford Estates and lunch their neck of the woods! I'm glad they made it home ok, and that there was very little personal damage waiting for them.

Bro scammed the Mother out of about $150, claiming it was court costs. Lawyer said there were none, and Bro claims there wasn't any receipt. Liar. That dumbass burned that bridge, now, too.

I convinced the PR department to not do Donkey Basketball as a fund raiser. Plenty of other fun ways to bring people together and donate money... no need to bring any animal cruelty or PETA picketers to the table.

Apparently T-Mobile was giving away free service all hurricane weekend. Good for you guys! You deserve some praise for that!

I fell asleep far too early last night, something like seven or so... I think I was fatigued from all of the stress over the missing Alabama boy. We were really scrambling the whole time I was at the office

I woke up at about 2:30am, got a drink of water and puttered for about an hour before trying to go back to bed. I really am a night person at heart... That was one of the nice things about IMT - the 4pm to midnight schedule.

how to make a scale model of a city

*really* nice tutorial on how to write tile-based games in flash. via

I'm in the mood for some really good Tandoori Indian food lately... something better than . This bears some research. I'll have to sniff out my local sources and see what they prefer.

I've got to focus more on more than just these little bits and pieces... the journal's been scattered lately, and I could stand more writing practice. flying_blind's recent excellent entry reminded me of this.

Dear Lenny Kravitz - Don't help the gap. You don't want to be in there with SJP.

My entry about the Lumbee Indians is still getting activity, over two years after the first casting about for information about Roanoke. Until that research arc, I thought that the colonists had been massacred.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:scottobear
Your haiku:her under in the
old west I've nibbled on those
things off and on since
Created by Grahame

I still have the itch to do a cemetery stroll and look up Miguelito Loveless.

It's true, I live inside the spread of one of the corners of the Bermuda Triangle. (Usually, the points are Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami, but they've been known to vary.) I wonder what major areas of supernatural repute are near folks on my friend's list? Transylvanians? Amity? I know there's a "stonehenger" or two.

Saturn has 33 verified moons, now. Read more...Collapse )

Aww.. 2 baby moons!

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