August 18th, 2004

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6831 - Training toughness

It's been difficult to keep EN on target with his training. He likes to talk, and is easily sidetracked... If I don't keep him reigned-in, we go off-topic completely for too long. I have a lot of trouble keeping him on track for any extended period, and Rhode Island sits across the hall listening, getting passive-aggressive about the whole thing, giving both of us the cold shoulder when we left. That doesn't do anything to improve matters. [yehdtjiom <--Newt on keyboard] The only reason I'm having him come in at all before putting him on call is so I can observe him during a live session.

Either way, tomorrow when he comes in, it's strictly work, no sidebars, just to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Interesting LJ feature still being tested - Recent comments, works for your lj account, and any communities you maintain. That'll help a *lot* with the menstrualhut.

It seems that the last comment in the live_journalia community was 34 weeks ago! (and the one before that was well over a year past.)

Holy Moley! Thank you Oneeyed and Granny for the *very, very* generous gift! Wow! I'll let you know how I used it as soon as I figure out what to do! I suspect The Complete Daimajin (Daimajin/Wrath of Daimajin/Return of Daimajin) will be on my list... it's been tempting me since I found it was available on DVD as well as The Plastic Man Archives, Vol. 1. Wonderful, very "Scotto" splurge items I've been licking my chops at for more than a brief while.

*Big Ol' Hugs*

Stormtrooper wedding at Fairyland
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