August 19th, 2004

Prisoner Quiz

6832 - By hook or by crook...

I'm not a number... but even if I were, wouldn't that still make me unique?

I look grumpy in a blazer.
(image mercilessly swiped and edited from GURPS the Prisoner)

The idea of a Gilligan's Island / Prisoner crossover makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Zombies in the village would be a hoot, too. Small population, closed system.

I'd love to vacation in the village, but being stuck there has very little appeal to me. I get a little stir crazy when I know that I have to stay in to be on call. I do carry equivalents of an employment card, a card of identity, a health and welfare care and a credit card already.

Somehow, I suspect that if I were ever to be taken to a place like that, it'd be because the masters think I knows something they want, but actually doesn't.

I don't think that music makes a quiet mind.

Calling someone number 2 tickles a scatological element of my funny bone. (same for Number one, for that matter. Sorry, Riker.)

About that Stormtrooper wedding... on thinking about it.. isn't that maybe a little too close to a sci-fi version of a Nazi-themed wedding?

Speaking of Nazi weddings, that brings to mind Wagners "Wedding March - Lohengrin" He was someone elevated quite a bit by Hitler and gang. Even though Wagner died well before Hitler ever rose to power, he was by most reports an anti-Semite, an adulterer, and a world class jerk even without those first two categories being filled. Fortunately, I tend not to think an artist's moral credentials should be considered too much when evaluating their work... otherwise, I'd probably hate most music made in my lifetime, let alone art through history.

Adsense dropped me, without paying. I smell a rat. They owed me over $150, and claim I violated terms of service. It looks like someone was hammering my site with a bot, though the hammer was coming out of AOL, I'm still out of luck. So, I guess that means if someone you don't like has adsense on their page, you can stop them from getting paid by hammering them, repeatedly. I wonder how long before some script kiddies take advantage of that piece of knowledge?

Ah well, I still get $40 a month for my static ads on my home page. That pays for hosting, online CoH, and $15 worth of fun money a month to drop on whatever.

Instead of pitching a fit, I threw two new games in the toybox. connect four and curveball. (curveball gets tricky about level 8)

I'm in the mood to walk on tall, thin grass in bare feet.

Steve Tyler is a Salt Vampire. (via)

I've been wondering lately about how impermanent a mark this journal is, at least online. In fifty years, will there still be a livejournal? If I print it out and save it in book form, the cross-referenced links become pointless, although most links die quickly on the web anyway. Even remotely-hosted images vanish as time goes by. the dynamic aspect of comments goes away with printing, too. Even though a lot of the fun links would be sacrificed, I think I will print out and store my journal, just for the heck of it. I wonder how many sheets of paper this beast would take up? I have been maintaining it since the turn of the century, after all. I'd burn it to a CD, but that seems so transitory, too... most computers don't have floppy-drives included anymore, will there be CD drives even a decade from now? Maybe just burn it to CD and keep it on the inside front cover as a memento of time long past, before whatever wacky storage formats drive the poor discs into landfills.

I don't think it's vain of me to want to leave my journal behind for other people to read... maybe it's because I'm nosy, and like to read other journals myself, but I think that there are some goodies inside that someone might want to see later on, even if that someone is me. I like reading my old entries and being reminded of things in my life. I know I'll want to see pictures of Newt as a baby, dealings with whatever drama, saved conversations with mi Ornj, crude palm doodles, and whatever was nifty to me at the time.

Now leaving the Northern Perimeter.

Be Seeing you, Dear journal.

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2 - zombie scotto

6833- Don't bother to burn an X in my head, I'm already dead.

Called in sick today- I'm totally wiped out.

If they need anything urgent, I can launch it remotely... the rest of my time is going to be spent in or around bed.

Some evil Aztec sorcerer is messing with my digestive tract, and is drying out my skin. Or maybe it's a side effect of Disney World's weather control device used to relocate Charley.

I wonder if it's true that prehistoric burial involved putting a corpse in the ground so that it could be reborn, like a plant, or if it was just a method of cleanup... having bodies just laying around can't be terribly sanitary.