September 2nd, 2004

Kind lady

6854 - Thor's-day. Thinking good thoughts for my favorite red-furred Libras.

Hurricane update -

going into work early to make sure everything is backed up, easily tarped over and stowed for the long weekend. The gang at work, while needy, is very good about pulling together and getting stuff lined up.

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Let's just hope it keeps on going North. The storm is plenty wide enough to get us all wet and blown. Heck, The thing is taller and wider than the whole state. I don't want floods or evac.

Handy-dandy sun-sentinel hurricane tracking map

I'm hoping it leaves Broward the heck alone. I don't want to relocate. I'm ready to, if I have to, but I'd really rather not. Especially for some storm named "Frances". Reminds me of the guy in the movie Stripes. "Call me Psycho!"

The supermarket was crazy yesterday, people snatching up water as fast as the pallets were laid out.

The gals at work were very giving and expressed the desire to help me get stuff for the coming storm, but I was already prepared. It was a lot of nice gestures.

Evacuation orders were posted for 300,000 residents in coastal areas of Palm Beach County, and 192,500 were told to leave mobile homes and low-lying areas of Brevard and Martin counties. The evacuation orders were set to take effect Thursday afternoon.

Frances was about 700 miles southeast of Florida on Wednesday afternoon, heading northwest on a course that would take it to the central portion of Florida's eastern coast. Residents of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina watched the forecast closely in case Frances took a sharper turn to the north.

All I know is that I have water, some cash, a carrier for Newt and my palmtop.... I can travel light. I talked to the landlord about plywooding the apartment windows tomorrow or Friday morning. I remember how dark it got in my old place with all the shutters drawn, like being sealed in a mine. I rather liked it for the short time it was there, though I expect I'd have gotten a little punchy if I was sealed in for a week.

At this point, it really is still far too early to say *where* it might go. No worries.

Speaking of the mobbed market... whimsy was kind enough to hook me up with the screenie from CoH's test server... everyone and their cape was there.

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Researchers at the University of Zurich have shown that revenge is, well, sweet. Their experiment, described in Scientific American, was based on a game where one player was given the opportunity to punish another player for financially screwing him. PET scans revealed that when a player contemplated revenge, his striatum, a "reward center" in the brain, became energized.

This sort of causal relationship may explain why people are willing to discipline a stranger even when there is no immediate gain in it for them. "Emotions play a proactive as well as reactive role," remarks Brian Knutson of Stanford University who penned an accompanying commentary (to a paper about the study in the journal Science). He notes that "passionate" forces may need to be included in economic models because, as this research shows, “people show systematic deviations from rationality."
I wonder how long before someone uses this as a defense in court? "I couldn't help it, that behavior is hard-wired into my system!"

Got a decent reply from playNC re: my unsent comics -

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Not bad. They got back to me within 12 hours.

If I was a wise-ass or melodramatic, I'd write something here about we'll all survive after this apocalypse, do a couple of riffs on The Road Warrior, Six-string Samurai, or A Boy and his Dog (though I'd not rename Newt to Blood.)

Or maybe Mutants of 2051 AD...

"Fleshy-headed mutant! Are you friendly?"
- Space Cadet R.M. McKenzie

"Now way, eh! Radiation has made me an enemy of civilization!"
- The Fleshy-Headed Mutant
If I lose power or post-ability, I'll still be keeping a journal and a photographic record of anything that happens, to be uploaded and backdated... as long as I'm not eaten by cannibal zombie-ghouls or shot by gorillas on horseback, mistaking me for one of the sad, mute nomads in the fields.

It's the Google Superhero Costume Parade!

Anacondas? Baby Geniuses 2? Didn't the first ones tank? Why Sequels?

And a better question, is Why is the bad guy from Anaconda (Jon Voight) the bad guy in Baby Geniuses 2? Does that Mean Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloys be the Bad guys in Anacondas? (I'd rather see then return to Roger Rabbit.) I'm guessing all of the babies sin that movie are twins, like Mary Kate and Ashley? Is that still a rule in Hollywood?

Whatever happened to Angela Anaconda?

A moment of Voodoo - Syncretism:

Syncretism may occur wherever two different cultures come into contact. It is an attempt to reconcile and mix together several different religious beliefs. Voodoo is one such attempt, combining Christian and African beliefs with a small dose of native American animism. It is far from the only one. Most religions in the ancient world never claimed to be the “only” or the “true” way (Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the three notable exceptions), and thinkers and mystics often tried to mix and match elements of religions to get the best of all possible worlds.

Even the rise of Christianity did not stop syncretism. Faced with the might of Christianity (which at first was backed by the Roman Empire), many pagans adopted it as their religion — but added a few pieces of their own for good measure. Many pre-Christian altars and shrines became churches. The cult of the saints that is part and parcel of Catholicism was the perfect vehicle of syncretism: many of the old gods were thinly disguised as saints, with their attributes (and mystical powers) remaining unchanged. “Saint Bridget” of Ireland, for example, used to be the fire goddess Brigit, until she was syncretized into the Christian canon as the saint of fire.

The same thing happened to the religions African slaves brought to America. They saw the Catholic priests praying to a complex “pantheon” of saints, each representing different attributes or elements — in a way, not very different from their beliefs. While the Europeans punished any slave who clung to the old ways, they accepted acts of devotion to Christian symbols. African sorcerer-priests decided that there was power in these saints; the statues that the Christians prayed to seemed no different from their own idols. Christian prayers became powerful spells, cast under the unsuspecting eyes of colonial slave masters.

Random Scotto/Dan factoid: When I told Danny that my beliefs are basically Agnostic (a person who believes that, at my present level of knowledge, that I cannot know whether or not a God exists - I can get feelings one way or the other, but really have no proof on the matter), he thought I said Gnostic (A person whose world view embraces Gnosticism, the thought and practice of various cults of late pre-Christian and early Christian centuries distinguished by the conviction that matter is evil and that emancipation comes through gnosis [passing down of knowledge, perhaps secret knowledge].), and ran with it for quite a while, until he confronted me with something that he thought was conflict with my belief. Two pretty different stances, all told.

Now, I do believe that there is great power in knowledge, and that the flesh undriven by the mind is by necessity basically a selfish thing.

It would probably please and frighten me a great deal to *know* definitively that a deity exists. This may sound like it conflicts with faith, but I feel that faith is the substance of things hoped for... you can be an agnostic and still have faith. Faith is a tether between you and your belief... stronger than hope. Belief and knowledge don't always go hand in hand.

Until later, dear journal! I'll be back before the storm hits.Site Meter
Kind lady

6855 - office secure/ Hurricane Frances PSA

Ok, Office is disassembled, network secure, and everything is safe there.

Now to research what to do for myself.

Hurricane Frances Information Hotline 954-831-4000

Broward County Mayor Ilene Lieberman announced at a media conference today at 8:00 a.m. the following action Broward County residents and visitors should take in preparation for Hurricane Frances.

• In anticipation of a hurricane warning later today and an in an abundance of caution, a mandatory evacuation has been ordered effective 2:00 p.m. today for the Barrier Islands and all mobile homes. Residents are strongly urged to evacuate. Voluntary evacuations can take place at any time.

• A recommended evacuation has been ordered for those areas east of US1 and for those residents who live on tidal bodies of water. [that's me. I'm looking into pet-friendly hotels now.]

• Red Cross shelters will open at 2:00 p.m. today. Buses will begin running to assist with the evacuation at approximately 1:45 p.m. along A-1-A.

• Those persons who need to evacuate should first attempt to stay with friends or relatives outside the evacuation zone. The Red Cross Shelters will be available for those that need a safe refuge.

• Shelter guidelines:

- Shelters are a place of refuge only
- No pets are permitted in shelters – a list of pet friendly hotels is posted on the web site
- No smoking is permitted
- Items to bring: medication, battery-operated radio, special diet foods, baby food, personal items, pillows and blankets
- Shelter location information is available on the Broward County web site or by calling the Hurricane Hotline at 954-831-4000

• The Broward County special needs shelters will also open at 2:00 p.m. today. These shelters are for people who have special health care needs and require assistance. Residents in need have pre-registered and will be notified by telephone this morning to schedule transportation.

• There are approximately 17,000 visitors to Broward County staying in hotels in the evacuation area. Hotels in western Broward County are at capacity. Our Red Cross shelters are available as refuge for our visitors.

• Travelers should call the airlines before arriving at the airport to ensure that their flights are still scheduled.

• Port Everglades closed at 8:00 a.m. this morning to all vessel traffic including cargo and cruise ships.

• Homeless persons in Broward County should seek shelter at any of the Red Cross shelters or at the four shelters designated specifically to assist homeless persons. The shelters are:

Broward Outreach Center, 2056 Scott St., Hollywood, 954-926-7417
Salvation Army Lodge, 1445 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-524-6991
Central Homeless Assistance Center, 920 N.W. 7th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, 954-779-3990
North Homeless Assistance Center, 1700 Blount Rd., Pompano Beach 954-979-6365

• All Broward County offices are closed today, as well as all public schools.Site Meter

Kind lady

6857 - update

I'm going to stay with Danny and Janet's place if things continue to be bad. Poor Danny's allergic to Newt, but he's willing to sacrifice for me and the little orange guy. Newtie-boy will be banned from the bedrooms, is all. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to spend time in the living room with me. I'll bring some Heroclix with me to play to while away the time in a more analog style.

Janet's rather allergic to me, too, in a different sense. Our beliefs and ideals are fairly different, but she has been nothing but very gracious to me in times of need. I'm thankful for that.

My mother is going to be fine where she is, and if bro needs a place to stay, he can go be with her and Wilt.

To be on the safe side, I'll be unpacking my PC later tonight, so I'll be on and off-line as things happen. Danny's only got dial-up, so I won't have my DSL perma-connect that I do here. I'm tempted to lave my pc covered in plastic, and have the cam pointed inside for a Hurricane-view. I figure I'll point it at the windows without wood on 'em to scan for alien invaders or flying coconuts.

Speaking of the cam, here's the Newt pic of the day:

Current Cam pic - (will change over time)

What do you see?

Currently, you should be able to see my front door, South and East Windows, and bike. I'll be taking the headlight with me as my personal flashlight when I go. You may also catch me running back and forth to the oven in order to retrieve lunchtime veggie taquitos.

Wilt's coming by with a lovely bit of 5 x 6 wood to protect my most vulnerable window... the others should be fairly safe, and wood is very rare right now, as could be expected. My landlord claims there's none to be found... I think that there probably could've been some if he was better prepared. I'm also happy to uproot the broad wooden fence outside, and use it as a side-barricade if need be.

current meme - (nicked from bubbles_3563)

Leave a comment with your name if you want to know what I really think of you, and I'll reply and tell you. No lies, all honesty. [I think most people already have a good idea of how I feel about 'em, but I'm happy to reinforce / surprise them.]

Post it in your journal after I do yours so I can see the reverse. (it may take a while, as checking email might get spotty.)
Kind lady

6865 - backdated from Thursday


I decided briefly that I wasn't comfortable with the C's around Newt. I think that Jan or even Danny might get careless, and do something that would cause Newt to somehow get hurt out of the house... I'm being irrational. I came close to having a panic attack just thinking of poor Newt, out in a hurricane. It sort of saddens me to be this distrustful of Dan and his wife, but they just don't know better, and are prone to carelessness. I don't think that I should stay, here, but if I go to Danny's place, I'm going to have to lay down some ground rules. Maybe I'll stay with Newt in the guest bathroom the whole time. [update: Of course ,I ended up going to Dan and Janet's, and everything turned out fine)

pretend-sushi made with twinkies and dried fruit... I think I'm more partial to the kebabs.

Looking for more potential hurricane cams? Check this old entry for lots o' links. note that some links may be broken, but the Sun-Sentinel's has always been pretty reliable.

I tried out the evil genius demo... pretty cute, but I'm not sure how much repeat game play it holds. Being a Bond-style villain is fun... and the music is groovy. Sort of a sim-city version of Evil base management.
1 - time goes by

6858 - in the box with D & J.

At Dan's, and it's going better than expected. My panic was misplaced.

Tonight, we watched gaimajin, and had quorn nuggets for supper, with new potatoes and brussels sprouts. I abstained from the sprouts... they remind me of my formative years as a podling.

Newt's digging the plants (no pun intended) and is enjoying all of the new places to nose around and check out. Minimal missing person calls tonight, and I'm only on call until tomorrow at 5pm.

Tomorrow, I'm introducing Danny to invader zim.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DCL! thanks again for the CDs!

I haven't used this laptop for quite a span... the windows update and anti-virus both took forever on dialup.

Hitting the sack soon. See you later, Dear journal.