September 3rd, 2004

scotto monkeypulse

6859 - Friday

I can't rightly call this a vacation, considering that I'm still taking call.

three so far today... I was a little difficult to train D&J to shut the pie-holes while I'm making a call, but it seems to be working out ok, now.

We took a little walk around the neighborhood... it looks like the brunt of the storm is going to pass to the north, now.

I'd forgotten how J speaks in monologues, disguised as dialogues. I think she could have the exact conversation with or without a partner.

Shutters are up throughout the neighborhood, clouds are rolling by quickly, some comfy breeze, but no rain.

It's a little tricky training Newt to stay off of the counters here.. I don't want him wandering around where food is prepared.