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September 4th, 2004

6860 - Dial-up is slo-ow.

Dan snores, and it makes me laugh. He's about 1/3 Doug sound level.

The 2nd movie - Return of Gaimajin was even better than the first. good hurricane karma, I got them by helping with Charley.

Newt's being naughty... hissing at Janet a lot. (A bit at Dan, too. I don't think he's happy sharing space with them.) If I pick Newt up, he quiets down and purrs like a fiend... I'm an anchor of familiarity in this place.

Danny pointed something out to me on the way to his place yesterday... how do new and used car lots empty out so fast? Where do they put 'em? I theorized that there's some hidden underground parking or more likely that they're accordianed in the back. I got a call from Wilt, and he told me that no wood is going on my windows.. just tape. Ugh... I'm glad I was smart and packed up all my important tech and took it with me.

I'm glad I left on Thursday, because I hear that the roads are now mobbed with folks trying to get the heck out of there.

Dan's house is super-prone to little power-flickers at this point I'm glad I had a candle in the bathroom while I took my morning shower.. I'm glad that I've got a surge bar and that lappie is on battery power.

Wind's kicking up pretty good, now... I'll have some nifty movies to upload from the palm after the storm.

Another J factoid - She's never, ever stopped talking when I've been within earshot. Talks back to the TV, and steps on other people talking, too. I wonder if she ever has a quiet time? I think that maybe her own voice is a comfort to herself? I suspect it's a nervous habit, to take her mind off of other things.

Mighty windy and wet at this point. Lots of boil water orders, though not in my region quite yet.

Waffles for late breakfast today - clearing out the freezer in case of a long term power out.

All in all, Still safe and sound. Still mostly have power, a/c and light.

6866- 09/04/04 - 11:58 am

Reading in Dan's room while he grades lab reports. The poor guy spends more time grading than the student takes to do the report, I suspect. He's putting together grading templates now, to make the job easier.

It's quiet right now, the only sounds being those of Dan typing, Janet
working on a pattern, and Newt bebopping around the house, in search of
that hidden cricket.

Dan talks to himself a bit while grading. I'm going to watch myself over the next few days, to see if I gab solo as often as these guys... I suspect that most of my internal monologues stay inside.

some hurricane piccies:

Dan walking by the lake, pre-storm - we visited the ducks, which looked
rather like a crossbred crew of lovely mallard and ugly muskie.

it was pretty dark inside the house with all the aluminum shutters up - the only natural light available was via the front door.

newt seemed to like the new terrains available to explore, lots of
surfaces, nooks and crannies to sniff out. He doesn't seem to like hanging out with Dan or Janet much... I suspect that they're a confusing "new furniture" to him.

I haven't shaved since Wednesday, so scruffy is the fashion statement this week.

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