September 5th, 2004

Kind lady

6861 - the saga continues

from yesterday afternoon - phones were out - I can see that my writing style changes a little bit, depending on how comfortable my sitting position is.

Getting tired of waiting out the storm here... looking forward to going back home and putting my house in order. Ivan is coming up right behind, and if Frances doesn't get moving, I may never get back home.

Dan and I went into the back room to read "Lord of the Rings" and "Reaper Man" respectively, while J watched a video in the living room about how Harry Potter books, violent video games and other media trends toward the supernatural promotes a lifestyle set on the path to damnation. Sort of a "gateway drug" kind of thing.

I'm feeling a little worn thin, and wonder how my other pals are hanging in there.

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Kind lady

6862 - And still I wait.

Well, I was hoping to go for a walk this morning... get out of the containment field that is the house. No luck.. the wind outside is at a very strong level, and the rain is coming down in sheets.

Dan's working on grading, and Jan's watching TV evangelists, so I figure I'll feed my own obsessive action by working on the journal a little bit this morn. I prefer to read Real Live Preacher to watching any carnival barker on the tube.

Jan's making cranberry scones for breakfast this morning...they smell really good.

Though the hurricane is moving exceedingly slow, I have high hopes that I'll be home tonight, or at worst tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and having the apartment to myself (and Newtself). Though it's a two-bedroom house, three people tend to bump into one another a lot.

I have a half-gallon of ice cream in the freezer at home...I wonder if power stayed on long enough to keep it ice-creamy.

Latest reports are that there are 2 million people without power, and Frances is now downgraded to Category 1.

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I'm not going to go much more into stormblogging... plenty of other sources out there for that. There really isn't much to say except for "my goodness, it sure is windy and rainy today".

Ants have found their way into the house, but Janet's vacuuming them up. We don't want to worry about pesticides at this point in the game.

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more updates here

Kind lady

6864 - still here still here....

Still no power at my place tonight, so I spend one more here at Danny's. (Beats going black to a dark, hot shoebox.) There's still a wind advisory and a flood watch, but the worst of Frances is over. Wind and water still whistles and batters the outside.

We all went for a midday wet-walk to the gas station, and around the lake to assess damage, and breathe some open air. It's messy here, with a number of blown over fences and snapped trees, but the houses look ok and everything seems mostly intact.

Cell phones are still kaput here, and the land line is spotty.

The Winn-Dixie was open, and people were in and out... not crowded, but had a lot of movement. I think that we're going to get some Chinese Takeout for supper tonight.

The Gamajin movies were a huge success.. Everybody liked 'em, and power only blinked a little bit while watching them.

I wonder how the TV news is able to have so many reporters on the coast... they must be placed just far enough apart up and down the line so that they can't see one another's show-lights.

I've got about 150% the hits in the first three days of September over the entire month of August, thanks to the hurricane, I'm guessing. (averaging 1813 hits an hour??)

Dear Hurricane Ivan:

Leave me the hell alone. I want to spend next week at my own damn home. Please just shoot North, and harmlessly spin some fishies.

Best Frances Photo so far:

I missed the JLU episode I was really wanting to see.. the one with the Question. I'll have to seek out a torrent of it when I make it back to base.