September 6th, 2004

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6867 - Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Back at home base - Power was still out when I arrived, so Dan and I went to publix to get some dry goods and water for me to wait it out here. We had some serendipitous encounters with another shopper... Dan (the big goof) kept prodding me to get her number.

Obligatory tiny quicktime movie of gale-force winds.(~700k) Warning, loudy-loud wind-whoosh.

Power is been back on now, though spotty. Cell phones are still kind of weird in this area, too.

I'm now shaved, showered and re-goatee'd. I'm regretting the office tomorrow.. a lot of work ahead. But, it'll make the day go by that much more swiftly. I figure the majority of the morning will be putting machines back where they belong, and getting the network back to aces.

Newt's so happy to be home, he's practically dancing. I'm delighted to have my own bed again, too, though it wasn't really a hardship staying with D&J. They were very helpful and gracious... I appreciate being able to stay there. Janet's cooking is a lot better than I remembered. The scones were especially good.

Ivan is due next weekend. Some frickin' supervillian is testing his weather machine, I just know it.

Who knows what stuff I missed on the blogs I read...I imagine I'll get caught up eventually.

Um.. Paris Hilton's publishing her "memoirs?" It's a pity that there's even a possible market for that. Site Meter

Snopes link for anyone else that mentions that whole "757 or missile?" pentagon crash thing. Read it top to bottom... it answers every question posted with logical and well-researched answers. I guess it's rearing up again, because the anniversary is drawing near.