September 11th, 2004

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6874 - Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down

Pretty cool... a lot of anonymous activity in last Sunday's entry... folks debating about heading down to Orlando this for the honeymoon. I agree, it might be a good idea to postpone. It's rare that I see anonymous non-spam activity. Hope the entry is helpful!

I got 17 out of 18 on the arcade sound quiz. (I missed the one about Zelda/FF/Bad Dudes - I was never a good nintendroid.)

Why is something so destructive, so lovely?

Danny likes "reality tv".

Amish in the City and the Survivor series, in particular.

I remain a skeptic and suspect behind the scenes scripting.

Big Kahuna has been very generous to me lately. I think that having a work ethic while other people act like little punks might have something to do with it. I got a new chair, she offered to take some call this weekend, and some other nice fringes. Hopefully that'll mean a raise sometime soon, too.

Heartbreaking case last night... old man with Alzheimer's. He's a habitual wander off, and apparently his caregivers can't give him the attention he needs. He's constantly taking off on his family. The last time he took off, he had a moment of clarity and tried to commit "suicide by cop".

Now none of my LJ mail is making it to me automatically. Forgive me if I don't reply immediately.

I've had lovely chats with Sammy, Whims, Phillykat, Jen and K lately... it seems I only rarely get pinged from AIM, ICQ, or MSN anymore, with last night being a pleasant exception.

Speaking of the first two... I'm glad to hear Sammy's back in CoH, and There's having trouble opening up on my system. I think it's something to do with the new update. Reinstalled, and it works fine now. Had a grand time running around and getting reacquainted with folks.

Duran Duran got back together... Why couldn't it have been The Talking Heads ? (A whole album is streamable from there.)

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The Missing Children's Day Ceremony scheduled for Monday Sept. 13th 2004 has been postponed due to the effects of Hurricanes Frances and Charley and the anticipated impact of Hurricane Ivan on the State.


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