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September 28th, 2004

6906 - Turn Lemons into lemonade.

Well, bro bailed on his birthday bash a full 5 minutes before he was going to be picked up. That's got to be some kind of record. I'm thinking that odds favor the theory that he got a better offer and wasn't even calling from home. The "I'm going to lay down, and sleep... I probably won't hear if Mom knocks on the door" line is what makes me think so.

So, instead of getting together with the family, I was suddenly free. What to do?

Simple answer? Make beefaroni! (vegetarian style, natch)

I had macaroni, veggie burger crumbles, and some awesome oniony-garlic tomato sauce... works for me!

I've never mentioned things that my mother was good at preparing for dinner.... beefaroni reminds me of her stuffed peppers, which was probably her specialty. I should try to reproduce that sometime.

Went through, and flushed out some old games that were taking up HD space. (I can always reinstall if the urge returns) - I'm getting the itch to put on a few fat new games. (Sims 2, Doom 3, Battlefront, and that tasty looking Warhammer Dawn of War game. Orks in Goggles!- related:Translate English to Ork )

Bye bye for now to -

  • Grand Theft Auto - Vice City (That'll come back, as soon as I get the itch to bash someone's skull in with a bat)

  • Final Fantasy XI - 5+ GIG??!

  • Call of Duty

  • The Hulk

  • There Beta (I kept the "real" version)

  • America's Army (2-some gig right there)

  • Warcraft III (and Frozen Throne)

  • Simpsons Hit & Run

  • Tron 2.0

  • Army Men (How long was that rattling around in there?)

That, and killing some old movies freed up about 23 gig. Amazing. (About of 53 gig free on the drive, now)

A nice defrag after, and Big Brain should spin like a top, now.

While Big Brain got his head together, I took a little walk to the local zebbin-lebbin, and got a nice diet -pepsi slushie for dessert.
walkies walkies

out and about on bro's b'day - may as well do something! nice to look at the bright lights and take in the night air.
zebbin-lebbin zebbin-lebbin

Home of the uber-slushie... better for me than ice cream, more flavorful than celery.

railroads in the sky - Visionary Designs in Transportation Engineering:
A virtual exhibit to accompany the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery installation in Doe Library, July 6th to September 29th, 2004

Tonight is the full moon.... and I smile every time I see the halo surrounding her.

Yesterday's Worth1000 photoshopping challenge is to create the ruins of cities that are still standing. Some tasty post-apocalyptic visions here

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