October 1st, 2004

scotto monkeypulse

6911 - Fried, eh?

Hm.. it's odd, but it seems that the hair on my chest is getting lighter, from a very dark brown to a fairer, more of an orange-y brown. Is my pelt changing with the seasons? I haven't noticed it before, and I've not been in the sun with my shirt off recently. Very strange... no noticble change in texture.

That's your TMI moment of the morning, dear journal.

Bots are getting sillier.

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First of all, that journal entry via a htmL address... ".htm" won't find it. second of all, it's a single journal entry... it must contain some keywords that tickled his bot's tummy. I'm guessing it's medium on the gmail google hits list. Site Meter

Cops Nab Fake Gynecologist ... and such a handsome, dashing-looking fellow, too!