October 4th, 2004

1 - time goes by

6917 - it's 10-4, good buddy.

Keeping a positive mindset, and hoping for more good news to roll my way. Keeping my spirits high and optimism up. I've noticed a drop in my appetite lately... I wonder what's causing that? Usually, I start to get munchier this time of year.Site Meter

The Eldar are a real thorn in my side. Gimme Orks any day. I'm up to mission #7, thus far. (Staying true to my 1 mission a day... it's tempting to blow the whole day playing it.)

I want some fresh sweet corn with my meal tonight... I wonder if it's in season?

Meeting with the women in technology board this afternoon. I hope it's quick and painless... this week's going to be busy... Cocktail Party on Wednesday, Kiwanis presentation Thursday. I'll be happy when this week is over, and it's hardly begun.

Hooray for No Hurricane this past weekend!

Tentacle-boy loves laundry!
Tentacle-boy loves laundry!

He was so delighted, he went pinky-inky!

The things you draw when you're waiting for the dryer to finish. Very loosely based on a little kid in the 'mat.

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