October 5th, 2004

newtcycle (Newt Shenanigans)

6918 - Happy b-day, Noot!

Newt is *five* years old today! He's still a little babyhead to me. Here's to my favorite red-fuzzed libran quadruped.

Aww! Regal-Noot

Here are some baby pictures... it seems like it was only yesterday.

Newton pic! 2 3 4 5

See also, Newt lays the smack down on Tarpo

American Date formatting is a pet peeve of mine... I think that "Month-Day-Year" makes the very least sense possible. I think that "Year-Month-Day" or "Day-Month-Year" is a bit more rational. Ah well... I like the metric system, too.

The Zoomquilt - tend to like zooming out.

Prowlies at the River

Tiny Plaid ninjas

I've found a nice condo in pompano for a decent price... I'm going to check it out later this afternoon. Wish us luck!Site Meter

The "Women in Technology meeting" was composed primarily of men. What's up with that?

3 things meme -
  • THREE THINGS I AM WEARING RIGHT NOW - White socks, tan hair tie, my heart on my sleeve

  • THREE THINGS ON MY DESK: - bottle of aleve, Newton, tiny plastic squid

  • THREE THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE - be with the one I love, have long, comfortable retirement, master time and space.

  • THREE GOOD WAYS TO DESCRIBE MY PERSONALITY - helpful, caring, knowledgeable

  • THREE BAD THINGS ABOUT MY PERSONALITY - issues with deadlines, snap-judge too often, laziness

  • THREE THINGS I LIKE ABOUT MY BODY - my eyes, my height, my endorphin production.

  • THREE THINGS I DON'T LIKE ABOUT MY BODY - my back's weakness, my weight, over-honed fight or flight response.


  • THREE THINGS I SAY THE MOST - "Urgf... good morning, Newt!", "Be safe.... If you can't be safe, be careful.", "Later (word that rhymes with Later - Tater, tomater, gator, slater, etc)"

  • THREE NAMES THAT I GO BY - Scotto, Oso, Big Guy

  • THREE SCREEN NAMES I HAVE HAD - revscotto, biglug23, scooterpoot

Man Mistakenly Cuts Off Penis, Dog Eats It Collapse )