October 8th, 2004

1 - time goes by

6922 - Friday! only a 9 or so more hours until I can sleeeeep.

Ack. Kiwanis was a bit of a bust. Projector broke down, and the lunch was very carnivore friendly. (I got tho have some limp asparagus and blah rice.)

I return next week to try again, with a loaner projector from BCC... (ours won't be fixed for a few weeks, if Sharp's service center is consistent.)

Today should be more reasonable than others recently. I plan on enjoying a bit of the weekend at Viva Broward up the road. RC's running the place so I should be able to step in, say hi, and hang out over a beer or two. If anyone's in the area, swing by! It'll be the first good walkabout I've had in awhile. Maybe I'll be able to tote Dan to a movie or just hang out?

$100 shotgun fits in shirt pocket

The credit card-sized shotgun is a muzzle loader, meaning it doesn't use shotgun shells. The user has to measure out some gunpowder, pour it in each barrel, drop seven BBs in each barrel, and tamp in a small wad of paper. A knob on one end serves as a safety, and two buttons set into a hole in the body are the electrical triggers. Each barrel fires with a loud pop. "This is no more deadly than a .22," Teel said. "But the difference is you have multiple wounds, which means you'll try to get away quicker, and it will cause more pain. ... There will be more blood, which the cops will be able to see."

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scotto monkeypulse

6923 - Bus Ride - about 4:30

route 40 - Crowded

Ride home, step 1 - route 40.

Large crowd today.. I wonder if the bus prior broke down. Standing room only! We actually had to turn down riders near the end of the path.
route 40 - Crowded
Propaganda Man

This is what the guy played by Mel Gibson in conspiracy theory actually looks like. An old man, backpack full of carefully folded photocopies of his screed of the week. It's generally typed, and then edited with pen afterwards. Adding to the spooky-factor, he refuses to make eye contact with anyone.
Propaganda Man
Paranoid man, part 2

Whistling while he works, he takes his stack of semi-political, but mostly misc-rant fliers, and sets to placing them in the bus-route maps.... for reinsertion into the holder. I've found his screeds in the local free newspapers, too.
Paranoid man, part 2