October 17th, 2004

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6943 - Hey, Kool-Aid!

Hey, Kool-aid!

Seeing this icon reminded me of on of my favorite character ideas of Danny's from games past.

Dan had a character Best Suited for his personality - "Man of Iron", but one of his other planned supers was Kool-Aid Man. Child-actor who actually was Kool-Aid man.. became disenfranchised later in life when nobody took him seriously, and began using his "giant pitcher of red fluid"-powers to commit crimes. It didn't take long to catch him... and now he goes on special missions with Z-squad. (Or... would, if he wasn't asked to come up with something else. He ended up playing a tunneling Joe Pesci slimeball named the Weasel... a precursor to his current character in the D20 D&D game his students are running at the school.)

Watched Silent Running this morning. With the exception of the "message music" that seems to be in all movies in or around the early 70s, it is a really good film. I of course sympathize more with the murderous space-hippie than the corporate drones.

Lappie's battery charge no longer detects properly... I suspect it's on the way out. I wonder if I can locate an inexpensive replacement? He's been a durable little bugger since the mack's groves gig, years ago. The only add-ons I've ever done to him are memory and a wireless card (and reformatted from Windows Me(h) to 2000) ... he's served me well both as a primary and a backup machine for quite a span... aside from games that require heavy-duty graphics, it's still a fine little workhorse.

Well, the rainy season is officially over... how come the hurricane season still extends into and through November?

The weather is lovely outside.. highs in the 80s at noontime, lows in the 60s at night. *This* is the reason my folks moved to the south in the first place.

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